Welcome to free2live.media. Here you will find many items to help you become more free to live the life you were created to live. We will take a journey toward freedom. Just like any other trip, we can’t just jump in the car and go. It takes time and preparation, making sure we have the right things with us, to help us have a fun filled, memorable journey.

There will be a variety of articles, topics, studies, etc. There are lots of ways to take steps to freedom. If you have some suggested topics, please email them to free2livemedia@gmail.com.  Love to hear from you!! And if you think you have something that might benefit others, send those over to, I might just post it, giving you credit but protecting your personal information of course.

When reading through, keep in mind, the outside Links and Blogs listed here do not necessarily represent my views, opinions, doctrines or beliefs. They are listed for the convenience of the readers. Furthermore: I am a student of God’s Word not an authority on it. You would greatly benefit by testing what is written here with God’s Word.

Get ready to be free2live!

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