Doctrine of a Disciple

I’ve been thinking about getting back to basics … Christian basics. There are ramblings in my brain about just how did the Christian leaders in the Bible times get so far off. Really, it could be in just about any time in history. How did they get so far from the basic, fundamental truths they claimed to represent?

I think it’s the same thing which happens to anything, over time, it erodes. It’s like that game of telephone, you know the one? Someone starts the game by whispering in a persons ear, then they whisper in the next person’s ear, and so on down the line. By the time it get’s to the other end, there are only but a few traces of the original message left.

So now I’m compelled to wonder, what was the original message? How close are we to the original? But, we can’t really look at the person who started the message and ask him how close we are this far down the telephone line, now can we?

But, we can get pretty close. We can look back at the Bible, especially those writings written by those who walked and talked with Jesus. Or those who walked and talked with those who did.

Even many non-Christians value the words and direction Jesus gave. So this should pose some interest, even if small, for a variety of people. If not, there’s a delete key to use. 😉

UPDATE: I watched a message today by Andy Stanley and have changed to using the word “Disciple” instead of “Christian”. His message was titled, “Christian: Overview”.

“Disciple” is an intimidating word because it’s concrete. It means a learner, pupil, apprentice, adherent, or follower. A disciple learns and grows by obeying and imitating his or her master. Discipleship isn’t as simple as going to church services or believing a set of facts or observing rituals or celebrating holidays or being born into the right family or behaving morally. Being a disciple is active. It requires effort…and sacrifice.

Below you will find each article pertaining to the Doctrine of a Disciple. You will find an actual Disciple Doctrine Document here.