Tearing Down Race

We are tearing down statues because they symbolize slavery, but no one is trying to get rid of the one thing we see on almost EVERY application we fill out which is a reminder we are different and was used to indicate status differences between the conquered and enslaved peoples. A term instituted by Proslavery leaders proclaiming that blacks would forever be at the bottom of the social hierarchy!!!


Constitution Day – USA!

Did you know Constitution Day commemorates the formation and signing of the U.S. Constitution on September 17, 1787? My guess is many didn’t even realize this day existed. How many of you ever heard of this when you took History class in High School? I’m also guessing many’s first thought was, wasn’t that July 4th? No, July…

Half Educated

Recently, a post came up on Facebook and I explored it a little further. What I found left me baffled and truthfully, snickering to myself. I just don’t get it. Sorry, but I don’t. I don’t understand how we can start a movement, without first becoming fully educated about whatever said movement is about. If…