Free2Live because a Savior was born 5

Jesus was circumcised today. I’ve been to many Circumcision Rituals before, but today, well, today was a hard one as no mother wants to hear her child in pain. But it is something that needs to be done. Something we very much wanted to do. It is an honor to obey our God. I will never forget this day.

Free2Live because a Savior is born 3

As I was playing him today, goo gooing and gah gahing, I thought back to when I first was told I would be giving birth to him. The angel that visited me had told me my relative Elizabeth had also conceived a son. I was floored!! Elizabeth was old and barren! Yet she was already six months pregnant? I just had to see for myself and I headed right off to Judah and my relatives Zachariah and Elizabeth.