The Tabernacle a diagram to a Relationship with God

I was listening to a teaching on the Tabernacle layout. Once again I find myself in shock and awe that teachings on the Tabernacle are not common place in the Christian services. So much is lost by tossing out the Old Testament as something of the past.

By learning about the Tabernacle layout, we also learn just how much YHWH is into the details, every single minute detail. It mattered to Him that it measured 150 feet by 75 feet, not 151×74, not 149×76, exactly 150×75. It mattered to him what material was used, what color, and how things were placed. If He is so much into these details then, what makes us think He is no longer into them?

We learn everything is about the future, not just the first coming but also the second coming of the Messiah and the New Jerusalem. It is about a relationship with YHWH – the great I AM – for yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Just as He is, was, and is to come, everything He does reflects past, present, and future wrapped in one scene or instruction.

The whole scene of the Tabernacle is about showing people how to have a real, close relationship and encounter with Him in exactly the way He wants. What makes us think we can decide those details?

There is a lot to be learned by observing the things of God – we’ll dive in deeper as we go along. But before we do, you have to decide are you going to continue to do things man’s way? or YHWH/God’s way? Are you willing to be open minded and willing to let go of your old ways and traditions, or will you remain steadfast to them?

Jesus said, “Enter through the narrow gate” … “which leads to life” and “only a few find it.” Are you trying to enter through a narrow or a wide gate?

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