Cease Fire Premier

We are starting a new series entitled Cease Fire. We will be releasing videos on our youtube channel. Be sure to Like, Subscribe, and Share.

A cease fire is defined as a temporary suspension of fighting, a suspension of active hostilities, or a truce. For us, it’s a call to take a moment, gather intel on the topic, and know what you are talking about before engaging in discussions. It is also about taking time to gain knowledge about the topic and understand your opponent and how they think.

Too many wars are being waged with very little accurate intel. We want to provide that intel so more educated conversations can take place. We will provide facts as they related to hot topics and as much as possible, allow you to take them in and form your own opinions. We are hoping to close the gaps and divisions being unleased on society.

We will provide summary overviews of documents as they are released; compare and contrast topics side by side; and have open discussions with others. Whatever works for the topic at hand, all geared to equip you in a world where misinformation is everywhere.

Our first Cease Fire is being released momentarily. It is a 5 minute video summarizing what can be found in the 270 page document released by Sidney Powel this week. Watch for it!

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In doing research on Cease Fire, we came across this video, the lyrics fit our mission. Enjoy!

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