Book of Mark

Did some studying about the book of Mark. Although I’ve been studying the Bible for years, the book of Mark has been in the background. It isn’t one of my “go to” books. How often have you heard someone quoting from it? You might be as surprised as I was to find out, the reality is, you’ve heard quotes from quite frequently. Come to find out, Mark is believed to be the first book written.  The other Gospels quote all but 31 verses of Mark! Mark records more miracles than any other Gospel does and is said to have been written for the Roman. Mark only shares his own thoughts in the first few sentences and the rest of the book consists of facts as he knew them.

When you think about it, Mark is a great place to start when studying. He was a close associate of Peter. Peter referred to him as his son.  He also went with Paul on the first missionary journey. He was also the cousin of Barnabas.  His home was where people gathered together to pray for Peter when he was in prison and where Peter went to when he was freed. This would make him one of the most knowledgeable witnesses of the events which he writes about. Some he have been a 1st hand witness, and in some a 2nd hand witness. Very few would be able to say they knew Jesus, studied under Peter, and traveled with Paul.

Although there isn’t any proof, some believe his home was where the “Last Supper” was held and that he may have been the boy in the garden when Jesus was arrested. Again, there isn’t any proof of this.

I was also surprised to find out the ending of Mark was added by someone later. The earliest known manuscripts do not have verses 9–20 in Chapter 16.

So, over the next few blogs, we’ll be diving into what Mark has to share with us in his writings. Hope you’ll join us!

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