Wall or No Wall – What the Local’s Say

We provide valid, true information to help you form an educated decision for or against the wall. We thought it would be a good idea to hear from some of the people working, living, and crossing the border. Below you will find videos of migrants crossing illegally, as well as just about every side of the story we could think of. We haven’t seen this well rounded of a look anywhere else. Please, if you want to weigh in on this subject, take some time to view at least one video from each section. Here is a playlist of most of the videos if you’d like to skip all the blah blah blah and dive right in.

First, let’s look at some numbers and some videos of wall jumpers.

We saw the numbers on how many were apprehended, which really are astonishing. Using those numbers, if we say for every 10 captured, 1 got in. We would be looking at numbers such as:

  • 5000 unaccompanied children (0-17)
  • 10,721 Family Units
  • 39,657 Individuals

That is about 108 people crossing over the border illegally EACH DAY – IF we estimate for every 10 captured, 1 gets through. Astounding isn’t it? If you watch the videos from ranchers who physically see the migrants, they say 200-300 people a day.

Here are a few video’s you may want to watch in order to determine if a wall would or would not be a deterrent. No wall will eliminate the issue as people will work hard to find a way around it, but would it deter illegal migrants from crossing?

Border Patrol:

The Border Patrol did a short video titled, “Do the Walls Work.” There is a lot of information on the Border Patrol Council page as well.

Center for Immigration Studies spoke with the National Border Patrol Council Representative/Union Stewart in Jul 2014. He talks about how the migrants get across, where there have been successes, and concerns about people making it across including deceases being brought across like H1N1. He says one of the big problems is they give people a court date but the people skip town and disappear.

This Sep 2018, video by the John Donne Show, shows the change after Border Wall was built and how Mexican’s can come and go and shop in the US through the legal entry points. It does seem to be pro wall and has voice overs by Trump, but it does contain several interviews with Border Patrol, good statics, and videos of the new wall.

Video from Dec 2017 containing several interviews and perspectives. It starts with an interview of a Border Patrol officer.  Moves to an interview with the Search and Rescue President on the Mexico side which gives a unique and gruesome side to this situation which we did not see in any other video. They talk with a vigil anti policing his own property who didn’t really have an issue with the migrants, but now has an issue with the cartel. They also have a part which is pretty cool because they show all the walls which have been built by Bush, Trump, Obama, and Trump.

Ranchers and Residents:

If you watch nothing else, watch this very short video. It is a video by USA Today in September of 2017, talking to ranchers. The ranchers talk about the change over the years. These are ranchers who had people cross over and work for them a long time ago. The way they talk about the changing of times is eye opening. They say it isn’t an immigration or humanitarian issue anymore. The drug cartel have taken over and now there is rape, human trafficking, and death involved. Some of the same ranchers spoke to Wall Street Journal in March 2017 about their internal conflict over the wall and President Trump.

There are two videos filmed in 2011 by Center for Immigration Studies about Richard Humphrey, a local rancher who is also a former Air Force Pilot and Narcotics cop who owns 70 acres along the border. They placed hidden cameras and documented over 1500 illegals crossing. Some of these borders have received barrier improvements since 2011.

Immigration Studies interviews a Texas Border Volunteer who owns a ranch 70 miles north of the Mexican border in Jun 2014, who discusses how things have changed over the years. Going from giving migrants food and water to being armed at all times because of the lack of safety. The Center for Immigration Studies has a whole series of videos, “Unsecured Borders.”

Here’s CBS Evening News article from Jul 2014 talking with Texas’s residents.

Native Americans:

In this ABC News expose taped in June, 2013, Tribal leader Verlon Jose (@6:20), doesn’t want border patrol nor migrants. Then they talk about how the migrants actually break into homes at least once a month. Now, in Feb 2017, they are opposed to any wall. In the video (located after a few paragraphs), at :53 they pop up statistics saying that barriers, added resources, and joint cooperation on the border are working.  But it does provide plenty of food for thought on both sides of the issue. Sometimes the answer isn’t all or none either. Maybe in an area such as this, we don’t build a wall but beef up security?

A Human Smuggler, a Migrant stuck in Mexico, Mexican Business Owner, and a Migrant has crossed the border:

Aljazeera talks to a smuggler who has been helping people cross for 25 years. He says it has gotten harder, but they will always find a way. He’s been caught but doesn’t worry about it because “they just deport you.” The way he talks about how it works sounds like a convert military operation mixed with the underground railroad. He talks about how they work their way through the technology such as heat sensors, cameras, and vulnerable spots in the border barriers. If you watch this video it is an interview the a County Chief Deputy Sheriff talking about the intelligence the smugglers have on the US side of the border.

At 13:57 they begin talking with a woman from Guatemala determined to cross into the US. She had the opportunity to attend university but did not. So she wants to go to US, send money home and then return to Guatemala. She could stay in Mexico and said it would be a good idea, but she hasn’t decided yet.

At 17:35 they interview a Restaurant owner who feels his town has been hijacked. He gladly tries to help migrants, but find they are ungrateful. He said the migrants did throw rocks at police officers but he hasn’t heard of any other aggressive actions. He said it feels like his city has been kidnapped.

At about 21:48 they talk to someone who jumped over and was in the US but decided to return. Now he wants to go back to US. His pregnant wife has since crossed over to America because they want their baby born in America to secure citizenship for the baby and eventually him and his wife. His wife was 8 months pregnant when she crossed wall. He said at that time it wasn’t as high as it is now. After she crossed, she applied for asylum and is in Houston, Texas. They didn’t do it the legal way because only 2 in 10 are accepted.

Citizens Patrolling the Border:

PBS News hour did a story on the Civilians who are armed and patrolling the border in Feb 2017. The one refers to himself as a Domestic Extremist. We included it because they are locals, and there is some good footage of border activity and barriers. Notice at 1:07 and 6:06 the cartel “backpacking” drugs across the border.

At 7:00 they interview a rancher who says the smugglers carry 50 lb in back and 20 lb in the front and they make up to 3 trips a day.

Rio Grand National Park Workers

Very pretty video, makes us want to go there. This is done by the Atlantic in Dec 2018. They interview several Rio Grand National Park Workers.


The people coming across believe because of the Deferred Action under Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) they will receive legal status according to the Guatemalan Consulate interviewed in Jun 2014. He says one of the big problems is they give people a court date but the people skip town and disappear. He also says the Guatemalans do not understand they are leaving poverty, violence, and gangs but find the same things here. He also says gangs are being eradicated.

This is a brief documentary done in Mar 2016, at 2:43 it shows an illegal migrant in America at a fence meeting with their families in Mexico.

This Feb 2017, video is a longer one by Al Jazeera. It seems these people are under the impression that it isn’t that hard, and then they get here and find a whole different circumstance.

This is a longer video from Oct 2015, by the New York Times documenting migrants as they flee Honduras as well as what they are fleeing from. Something we thought about when watching this is they aren’t just illegally crossing America’s border, they first illegally crossing into Mexico. If this a humanitarian issue for you, this may be a focus for you. This may be the best place for you to focus efforts. These are the people caught in the middle. Half way in, you hear advice being given to the teens migrating and they were told, ‘Once an immigrant, always an immigrant. You are a criminal.’

A CGTN America video from Nov 2017, talks to a migrant from Africa wanting to go to US. Mexico has given him a work permit. And a Syrian migrant on a Mexican school visa.

We hope providing all these different views will help you take an educated stance on the wall.



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