Doctrine for an American

It seems Americans has become divided and it’s sad. We see posts and tweets calling people names simply because they have a different view than the person posting. It’s almost like social media has become the new school yard – and bullies are in every corner. Of course, our media loves the smell of blood. It is rare to see anything good promoted. It’s a sad day.

We each have a certain right to be Free2Live. And yet, we also have to live under some kind of law. From where I sit, it seems as though American’s need to get back to being American and away from being black, yellow, white, Democrat, Libertarian, Republican, Middle class, Poor, Rich, blue collar, no collar, white collar – just be American!

Somehow individual preferences have morphed into rights. There is a big difference between what I like, want, need, or desire and what my right is. I have the right to be angry but there isn’t any right to act on that anger. I have the right to walk, but not the right to walk anywhere I want. Rights have limits and those are general set by those in charge, or the majority. And it’s become common place for those with big mouths or lots of money to scream for the government to force everyone else to share their want, need, or desire. And the more that happens, the less we all become Free2Live. It’s a trap and we are walking right into it.

A long time ago, the rights of those who chose to become American’s were defined. Keep in mind, being American is a choice, not a right. Being American entitles you to the rights which come with being American. Being IN America does not guarantee you all the same rights as being AN American. And BECOMING an American doesn’t give you the right to define what BEING American means. This seems to be missed on a large number of people.

I don’t know if I was one of the originals if I could agree with how America came to be or not. I don’t know if I would have agree with the way people were treated back then. Or if I would have liked George Washington as a President. I don’t know which side I would have fought on. I don’t think any of us can truly know because we don’t know what kind of life we would have been living then.

But what we do know is what America was established to be. And I’m happy it has evolved somewhat. And maybe it’s time for a change, but in order to know whether we need to change or get back to basics, we have to establish what the basics are. And just like anyone who is over 200 years old, I think our memory is failing us a bit. It’s hard to remember what it was like when we were just a kid. So we are going to take some time to explore just what the basics of being American is all about. We’ll look back at some of the founding documents and see what we can discover.

Maybe we can come together a little more and stop bickering so much with each other. Maybe we can learn a little bit from our past in order to make wiser decisions for our future. Maybe, acquiring some knowledge will help us avoid the pitfalls those who have gone before us fell into.

Our goal at is to provide truth in order for you to gain understanding, knowledge, and wisdom which will allow you to live a more free life. It isn’t to make you change what you think, just to paint a more clearer picture which will allow you to know WHY you think what you do. And hopefully, to help you see why someone else might think differently.

So let’s find out what the Doctrine of an American was written to look like.

 Doctrine = statement of government policy

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