Maker’s Diet

Free2Live is going to be sharing the adventure of starting the Maker’s Diet by Jordan S. Rubin. We’ve done it before, privately, lost 10 lbs, felt better on an every day basis, and even slept better! But, as life goes, we got away from it and decided to start it back up. This time, the plan is to make it a life change, not something we do for a short period of time.

We will share shopping tips, recipes, menus, etc. However, the only way to get all this is to like us on Facebook.

So what are you waiting for?? We’ll kick it all off January 21st. There are several Maker’s Diet resources, some pretty cheap. We like the “The Maker’s Diet Shopper’s Guide: Meal plans for 40 days – Shopping lists – Recipes”. The book blurb:

This companion resource provides you with the nuts-and-bolts knowledge you need to succeed on your 40-day health experience.  This book will not only give you the practical advice you need for success, but also encourage you and your family to live out the three phases of your Bible-based health plan.

This detailed guide will help you:
  • Develop meal plans for 40 days
  • Prepare foods using healthy, tasty recipes
  • Create shopping lists featuring healthy ingredients

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