Trump Tantrums

I was a little shocked when I saw a clip of a Member of the Parliament of Great Britain talking about Trump and America. And he made some very good points.

I hope this doesn’t make anyone extremely mad, but I just can’t keep quiet anymore. Course, I’m not really thinking this will make all that much difference, but who knows, right? *shrugs*

If you’ve followed my blog for any amount of time, you may remember a similar post about Former President Obama.

Questions rolling around in my head:

  • Why do the people who hate President Trump’s attacking tweets, share the most attacking articles and quotes? Doesn’t that make you just like him? I mean, if he calls someone a jerk and you call him a jerk, then doesn’t that make you a jerk?
  • If you don’t like what he’s doing, why do you attack his family? Shouldn’t it be about the ‘what’ instead of the ‘who’?
  • Why is everyone so surprised? This is the same person who tweeted the same kind of things before he was President, so why expect anything different? Did your job title change who you were?
  • Why are so few able to articulate exactly what they hate about him? If you despise someone so much, shouldn’t you be able to give a list of reasons?
  • Did the same people calling for impeachment call for impeachment with Former President Clinton when he lied under oath? Took advantage of women? Was in cahoots with the Russians?
  • Why do people get so upset by something he does, even when it is based off policy set by Former President Obama previously? Or done by previous Presidents?
  • He’s not a well seasoned, trained, scheming politician and still needs to learn in his position, what he says and how he says it has far reaching ramifications. Have you ever been in a new position where you had to learn the ropes? Do you prefer the politicians who are polished and know how to lie so easily and so well?
  • When a new bill, policy, or idea is brought up and you see it’s from “the other side,” do you even take time to look at it, or just throw it aside without even a glance? Doesn’t that seem foolish?

And for the supporters:

  • What exactly is it you support about what he is doing? I’ve asked this question and the best answer I get is, “He’s draining the swamp.” Is that really what we’ve tasked our President to do?
  • Do you really like the policies he’s working on? Or is it just because he is part of a rebellion against the status quo?
  • Are you able to admit there are times when, given his position on the world stage, he has “stepped over the line” as some may say?
  • When a new bill, policy, or idea is brought up and you see it’s from “your side,” do you even take time to look at it, or just blindly support it without even a glance? Doesn’t that seem foolish?

Just some questions I think of as I read down the posts now days.

I’m not suggesting we don’t speak out for what we believe or support. The awesome part about free speech is it can make a difference. I’m just suggesting we stop making everything so personal, ALL of us. It’s time we address issues and not people. Think about it, the people (or party) in office could change every 4 years, and at the most every 8 years. But the issues, if they are not addressed, could be here a lot longer.

Why do we give the puppet masters such satisfaction by feeding into what they are feeding us? Every tweet, post, headline, article, is geared to move you in a direction, give you a thought, get a reaction. Are we really so simple minded we don’t see it? Are we so reactive, we don’t take time to think anymore?

We are Americans before we are Democrat or Republican, rich or poor, black or white. We, the people, determine what America looks like to the world. And right now, we look like a bunch of children throwing tantrums left and right. We are so much more than that aren’t we? Let’s start looking at facts, and truth instead of hear say and lies.

What are your suggestions for solving the issues we have before us? Violent Crimes? Illegal Aliens? Refugees? Terrorism? Cyber Security? Boosting the Economy? Reforming Taxes? Drug Epidemic? What should the consequences be for those writing Fake News? Inappropriate Actions by Political Leaders? Caught in the country illegally?

Let’s chat about such things, in a civil, educated manner. Who knows who might read those and how far they might go? Who knows what future politician might read our discussions and use what they learn one day, maybe even as the future President. They won’t learn anything about what we think or feel or believe unless we share it.

Let’s get rid of all these Trump Tantrums and start Brainstorming, shall we? United we stand, divided we fall.



What we share, even as a picture, is every bit as much a word as those which come out of our mouths. They speak volumes about us. So, if you call yourself a Christian, consider these scriptures found in Matthew 12:

33 “Either make the tree good and its fruit good, or make the tree bad and its fruit bad; for the tree is recognized andjudged by its fruit. 34 You brood of vipers, how can you speak good things when you are evil? For the mouth speaks out of that which fills the heart. 35 The good man, from his[inner] good treasure, brings out good things; and the evil man, from his [inner] evil treasure, brings out evil things.36 But I tell you, on the day of judgment people will have to give an accounting for every careless or useless word they speak. 37 For by your words [reflecting your spiritual condition] you will be justified and acquitted of the guilt of sin; and by your words [rejecting Me] you will be condemned and sentenced.” (AMP)



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