American Christians

If you identify as a Christian, it might be good to watch this teaching by Perry Stone (about 20 min) and afterward ask yourself some questions. Ultimately, every thing we do is between us, the individual, and God.

Keep in mind, in the Bible we are taught the only people we are to “take action against“, are those who are calling themselves Christians. It’s not for us to walk into the world and condemn the way someone lives because they do not line up with our way of living. It isn’t our job to “clean up their act.”

Picture this, in America, we drive on the right side of the road, however, there are many countries who drive on the left. We can not point the finger at those driving on the left and say they are wrong and have to change UNTIL they start driving on American roads. In other words, the Christian rules only apply to Christians. So let’s just keep those fingers wagging at fellow Christians, and in our pockets when it comes to those who are not.

But we do have the right to stand up for driving on the right side of the road, because it’s the law in America. We do not have to allow those from other countries to come in and change our laws so that we now drive on the left. We have dual citizenship, first in the Kingdom, and second in America. We have the right to, actually, we have the responsibility, to stand up for the laws which govern those.

Take a listen and give some reflection.


Here are a few notes from the talk for those who prefer not to watch the entire thing:

  • There are four levels of stumbling:
    1) Things that cause others to stumble (cultural things)
    2) Things that defile a person
    3) Things that cause a person to sin
    4) Things that are an abomination
  • American people have lost their discernment completely.
  • As a Christian, in supporting a political candidate who supports things which go against God, you are saying you support those as well.
  • The foundation of America, is established in the Bible, the Bible was even used for education purposes.
  • “Righteousness [moral and spiritual integrity and virtuous character] exalts a nation, But sin is a disgrace to any people. “
  • “If the foundations [of a godly society] are destroyed, What can the righteous do?”
  • In the Bible, Kings were either ‘those who did right in the eyes of the Lord’, and ‘those that did evil in the eyes of the Lord’.
  • For those who did evil:
    – The favor of God is lifted from the nation
    – Selective judgement comes to the nation
    – Terror is appointed over their nations
    – Strangers will come in from the outside and overtake the nation (see History of Rome).
  • America is trying to be culturally relevant and compromising conviction.
  • The early Church was:
    1) Called out of pagan religions
    2) Called out of the temple sacrificies
    3) Called out of spiritual darkness into light
    4) Called into a new nation and new kingdom
  • How did the early Church handle the clash between Christianity and the Roman culture? – Acts
  • The Favor of God can only remain on us if we stand in Truth
  • When the righteous are silent, the lights go out. Spiritual light is dull.
  • We are the salt, if it looses it’s savor, it’s good for nothing. Salt agitates wounds but also kills bacteria.
  • We, as Believers, are the restraining force on earth.

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