Native American, African American, Jew

I’m kind of working through this as I go, not sure exactly where it will end up, but thought you might enjoy the journey with me … shall we! It really isn’t about Native American’s, but it is. It’s also kind of about the DNA, but it’s not. And about the persecution and slavery, but it’s not. Eh, just take the journey with me, okay?

I started this journey at about midnight last night, but didn’t get to the juicy part until way too late (or early???). I just couldn’t finish it and I thought it best to start fresh today. Thankfully, I was tired enough to tell my mind to go to bed, and it did and I slept well. But now it’s up tugging at me … Let’s go!!!

I was looking for some calming, relaxing music and came across some great Celtic tunes but they just didn’t fit the bill. Love those Celtic tunes though. A suggestion on the side was some Native American sounds with water … love the sound of water, so soothing. Ahhh yes, this is nice. But the music was too repetitive, so I found one with Native Flute and Mountain winds – that’s the ticket!

I started to play some solitaire, but a thought kept whirling around , ‘What do Native American’s believe?’ I mean spiritually, what do they believe? Explored a variety of sites, quickly realizing there are over 500 different tribes! I can’t explore all of them! Soooo, which should I look at more in depth … eenie, meanie, minie, moe … Seneca. Let’s check them out. Turns out, the Seneca are a part of the Iroquois League/Confederacy/Nation. And this is where it get’s interesting.

As with many of my journeys, it’s a crooked, winding path, like that of a puppy or child. Going from one thing after another which catches my eye. Seemingly unconnected and random. Yet, when I get to the end and look back, everything somehow seems to connect. Love those journeys the best! So let’s see where this one leads, shall we?

In reading about the Iroquois Nation’s beliefs (trying to stick mostly to the sites which looked like they came from Native American’s), it struck me how parallel they are to Christian beliefs. This lead me to the thinking, how did they get here (America)?

Reason this out, Christians believe everyone comes from Noah. Although the exact location of the ark’s resting place isn’t known, we’d figure it comes from … over there (if we live in America). Ya’ know, on Mt. Ararat, Turkey, Iran, over there somewhere. No one is looking for it in North America. So the Native American’s had to come from somewhere over there, right?

How did they get here, how long have they been here, do we even know? This lead me to an article on BBC.Com, and one paragraph stuck out to me:

The indigenous populations of the Americas, the team found, have distant genetic links in common with people of Australia, Papua New Guinea and the Andaman Islands.

REALLY? Interesting. Don’t get caught up in all the thousands of years and stuff, just keep tracking with me on this path, not the other, okay? Come over here, come on! The question then entered my mind, “Where was Australia in Bible Times?” Runs to the next stop on the journey …

I found some interesting links. Wait, before we take a step further, let me say, I’m not fully confident in any of this, nor do I fully believe any of the sites I’m referencing. I’m just playing in the yard, floating from spot to spot. Fascinated by each stop along the way, does that make sense? Okay, so let’s keep going.

On the first page, it talks about the Land of Sinim and some Bible codes … hmmm, interesting, Brit-Am … what? like British-American … eh, moves on.

Next site, whoa – they need to calm down the colors! But what’s this about the Lost Tribes of Israel?? Intriguing.

Isaiah says (49:8) that the exiled of Israel will be preserved and become a covenant of people (in Hebrew ‘a Brit-Am’), who will establish the world and inherit wasted heritages. They will use released prisoners to colonize these heritages (49:9), as the British did at first in North America and Australia. They shall return from the north and from the west, and from the land of Sinim. That this passage is referring to the Lost Ten Tribes is confirmed by the Talmud and midrashim.

So we have Native American’s in North America with similar base line beliefs as Christians who have been connected through DNA to Australians. Now we have some site suggesting Australia is the Land of Sinim, something about Brit-Am, and Lost Tribes of Israel. Wow, my mind is starting to feel blown (what does that mean anyway? seriously? lol). hmmm, oh, look at this over here …

End times prophesy

The Bible shows that before he died, Jacob (also known as Israel) stated that he wanted the descendants of Joseph (Ephraim and Manasseh) to be named after him (Genesis 48:16). Therefore, Bible readers need to be aware that many of the scriptures that involve end time prophecies and “Israel” are directed towards the descendants of Joseph. In modern times, these descendants are the major ethnic group in the USA, Canada, Australia, UK (including territories such Gibraltar and the Falkland Islands), and New Zealand.

eh, interesting … moving on … what’s the connection? lost tribe of Israel Australia Native Americans – what do they have to say … blah blah blah, stop! Is this a typo? Read, re-read, re-read again … still not sure, but what a weird coincidence …

Yair quotes Barry Fell as a specialist who proved that Phoenicians went to Australia.
According to Fell was no specialist in Australian origins, his supposed work on their history isn’t even quoted there in his academic summary, rather he wrote about native Americans, even though actually he was a biologist at Harvard and not an ethnographer at all; but got into serious problems for unprofessional twisting of primary data relating to native American inscriptions, and resigned from academic life- can’t Yair find someone more credible to quote?

Did you see it? “Fell was no specialist in Australian origins, his supposed work on their history isn’t even quoted there in his academic summary, rather he wrote about native Americans,”

Barry Fell, who was he? “Barry Fell was controversial. His specialty was marine biology in which he seems to have excelled. ”  Marine biology? Noah? Flood? Seriously?

Right now, I feel like someone who keeps eating something, getting a hint of a taste, trying to figure out what it is, while knowing the whole time, but not being able to know for sure. *baffled but not* Are you feeling that way as well? Maybe it’s just me. Keep in mind, as a Christian, you may believe everyone can be traced back to Noah, as well as Adam, but not everyone can be traced back to being a Jew. Hey, look over here …

My Jewish Learning is talking about Native Americans, let’s see what they have to say …

One of the first books to suggest the Native American Lost Tribe theory was written by a Jew, the Dutch rabbi, scholar, and diplomat Manasseh ben Israel. In The Hope of Israel(1650), Ben Israel suggested that the discovery of the Native Americans, a surviving remnant of the Assyrian exile, was a sign heralding the messianic era.

interesting …

To cite just one example, in a 1799 Thanksgiving Day sermon, Abiel Tabbot told his congregation in Massachusetts:

“It has often been remarked that the people of the United States come nearer to a parallel with Ancient Israel, than any other nation upon the globe. Hence, ‘OUR AMERICAN ISRAEL,’ is a term frequently used; and common consent allows it apt and proper.”

1799 – really? ….

Another notable Jewish-Indian incident occurred in 1860, when stones hewn with Hebrew inscriptions were found near Newark, Ohio. … Reviewing the relics in question, The Occident, Leeser’s newspaper, concluded, “The sons of Jacob were walking on the soil of Ohio many centuries before the birth of Columbus.”

That’s pretty cool!! So is there DNA connecting Native Americans to Jews? This one took a bit of googling …

The Smithsonia shows the DNA connection of the Native Americas to Australians, as well as Onge. Now who are these Onge? The Onge are one of the tribes of India’s Andaman Islands.

Reich’s group had also previously found genetic evidence for a single founding migration. But while sifting through genomes from cultures in Central and South America, Pontus Skoglund, a researcher in Reich’s lab, noticed that the Suruí and Karitiana people of the Amazon had stronger ties to indigenous groups in Australasia—Australians, New Guineans and Andaman Islanders—than to Eurasians.

The US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health
connects the Jews to the Cochin. Who are the Cochin?

Cochin Jews form a small and unique community on the Malabar coast in southwest India. …

We find that, as reported by several previous studies, the genetics of Cochin Jews resembles that of local Indian populations. However, we also identify considerable Jewish genetic ancestry that is not present in any other Indian or Pakistani populations (with the exception of the Jewish Bene Israel, which we characterized previously). Combined, Cochin Jews have both Jewish and Indian ancestry.

Let’s look back over our journey:

We have Native American’s in North America with similar base line beliefs as Christians who have been connected through DNA to Austrians. We have DNA connecting Austrians to Indians (from India) and Indians to Jews. We also have suggestions that Australia is the Land of Sinim, something about Brit-Am, and Lost Tribes of Israel.

What of this “Lost Tribes?” The Jewish Virtual Library says, “The ten lost tribes refers to the legend concerning the fate of the ten tribes constituting the northern Kingdom of Israel.

So what does Isaiah 49 really say? Is Brit-Am correct? I like to look at things myself, I’m not going to just believe it because I read it, especially with Scripture. But I can’t read nor interpret Hebrew, but check this out.

Covenant – berı̂yth ber-eeth’ From H1262 (in the sense of cutting (like H1254)); a compact (because made by passing between pieces of flesh): – confederacy, [con-]feder[-ate], covenant, league. What is H1262? 1) to eat, consume 1a) (Qal) to eat 1b) (Piel) for eating, devouring 1c) (Hiphil) to cause to eat

People – ‛am  am From H6004; a people (as a congregated unit); specifically a tribe (as those of Israel); hence (collectively) troops or attendants; figuratively a flock: – folk, men, nation, people.  What is H6004?  1) to dim, darken, grow dark 1a) (Qal) to dim, eclipse, be held dark 1b) (Hophal) to be dimmed, grow dark

Oookaaay, so here we have words like confederacy, league, tribe, nation, dark, ACK! What is coincidence?  How do we dismiss stuff like this!

What does all this mean? I don’t know, but I find it fascinating. Still trying to figure out exactly what I’m eating and what the hint of taste is that I know, but don’t know. But at least this helps show why there are so many similarities in the Native American belief system.

Ah yeah, I’m not going ALL the way down this road, but I did dabble a bit, give some thought to the Smithsonia map showing the DNA connection of Native American’s … notice all the Read dots – these are the strongest affinities. We just went down the road of the Australians, but look at the ones in South Africa – the ones near Brazil … yeah, those dots … this read could set off in another journey.

Years before the North American slave trade got underway, more slaves had been brought to Brazil than would ever reach British North America. The Brazilian slave trade would continue for another nearly two hundred years.

*BOOM* Another bomb explosion in the mind!

Let’s go back to Isaiah 49:8, John Wesley’s commentary on this passage:

The Lord – God the Father unto Christ. Heard thee – Though not so as to deliver thee from death; yet so as to crown thee with glory and honour. For a covenant – To be the Mediator and surety of that covenant, which is made between me and them. To establish – To establish truth and righteousness upon earth, and subdue those lusts and passions, which are the great disturbers of human society. Desolate heritages – That desolate places may be repaired and repossessed. That Christ may possess the Heathen, who were in a spiritual sense in a most desolate condition.

The American Indian’s were scattered from their home lands and forced to live in places they didn’t chose. The African American’s were scattered from their home lands and forced to live in places they didn’t chose. The Jews … well you get the picture.

A lot of unrest among these groups of people. All persecuted. All fighting against racism. I wonder what would happen if they saw a purpose in their scattering? What if they stopped fighting against something and started fighting for something? What if they were working to establish truth and righteousness upon the earth? Not for their own gain, but for God’s. “That Christ may possess the Heathen, who were in a spiritual sense in a most desolate condition.”

Here’s the thing, when I started blogging this journey, I didn’t know where it was going to go. But wow, the taste is starting to become a little clearer. That’s why I love the journey!

Read the VERY NEXT scripture Isaiah 49:9 in the Amplified Version

Saying to those who are bound and captured, ‘Go forth,’
And to those who are in [spiritual] darkness, ‘Show yourselves [come into the light of the Savior].’
They will feed along the roads [on which they travel],
And their pastures will be on all the bare heights.

When we think about it, these people groups have a lot in common. They are all very passionate and bold – traits I envy especially in African Americans. They are steadfast and persevering, mannerisms I admire in the Native Americans. And, they are resilient and loyal, virtues I want to acquire like the Jews. But oh, look at their faith! Each group have such strong, unwavering faith! What if it’s all for one purpose?

What if we ALL realized our true potential, our true purpose? What if we all learned not to focus on our past, our troubles, and everything else detracting us?

I know it’s long, but read the entire chapter!!! Especially if you are from one of these Leagues/Confederacy/Nations (I happen to have Jewish descent way back). Besides, you really don’t know until you knew. I bet very few Native American’s realize they can trace back to Jews, right? Look at the subtitles given it, “Salvation Reaches to the End of the Earth” and “The Restoration of Israel”

Now that’s not at all where I thought this would all go *cross eyed* But we can all learn from this whatever is supposed to be learned on an individual basis, can’t we?

So what did you learn?

NOTE: I titled this after I wrote it, and I figured the title would be attention grabbing.




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