Think differently … Be Free

I really don’t want to get on the bandwagon of hoopla about statues, but it sure got me thinking. And then I realized, thinking is why I like blogging. Many of my blogs walk you through my reasoning process. It doesn’t have to be your thought process, but my hope is to get people thinking differently – outside the box – to move beyond just thinking and into reasoning. Once we start using our noggins to reason for ourselves, we can be free – Free2Live. Get it.

I feel like individual reasoning is slowly dying off. People are swayed so easily by media and whom ever is shouting the loudest. It’s like someone yelling FIRE in a movie theater. Do that and it starts a chain of events resulting in people running, screaming, pushing, shoving, and doing whatever they can to get out. How many would take the time to think? Is there really a fire? Where is the fire? How big is the fire? Theoretically, you could be running right into the fire and not even know it. Or it could be someone with an over reactive personally who saw a small flame which could be stomped out with one foot.

The mass hysteria can spread so quickly. Think about it, the people run out into the halls, and people ask, “What’s wrong?” People scream, “Fire!” and now more people are running. They get outside and someone passing by noticed the crowd and walks up and asked, “What’s going on?” And the crowd is buzzing with story after story. Pretty soon the fire department and news media show up – and now it’s headline news. When all along, it could have been a fire which could have had a cup of soda pop dumped on it and the movie could have went on.

Reasoning goes beyond thinking. A person can look in a mirror and ‘think,’ “I am fat.” Reasoning looks in the mirror and applies logic to thought, “I am fat.” Reasoning doesn’t rely on a feeling, it relies on logic.

I saw a post today asking, “What one thing would you remove from the world if you could?” And I thought, what if we didn’t remove anything, but added something? What if we added TRUTH?! Sure, it could be painful at times, but think of how many negative things would be removed just by adding truth.  I know, you were thinking I’d say love, but it seems love doesn’t always work because it can be biased. I mean, what about all those rose colored glasses out there created by love? If the truth was known, you would know if that person was really worth loving. No need for rose colored glasses anymore. At the very least, you’d love them eyes wide open.

So think it through. Here are some answers I’ve seen:

  • Religion – if we all had truth, we would know which religion, if any, was the right one.
  • Fear – most of our fears are based on assumptions, so truth would remove it. And some fear is based on misinformation – truth would clear things up. Of course, with truth in your pocket, you would only be afraid of things you should be afraid of.
  • Poverty – if we could just get to the bottom of why poverty still exists, we would probably be able to solve it. And if not, we would all know the truth about it and would most likely be inclined to help out more.
  • Disease – well if we had truth, we would be able to narrow down why we really get most diseases, which should find a cure or eliminate a lot of them.

Alas, we can’t really do this now can we. There may never be a universal truth. But we can reason. We can start to think differently and begin to reason through what we believe, what we are being shown, what we are being told. We can try to get to some kind of truth, even if it’s just the truth inside ourselves.

REASON people! There is so much information out there, it’s time we stopped and thought, is this real? Is this true? And THEN decide what we really feel or think about a subject.

Reasoning can lead to truth – even if it’s only our own, but it’s a start! It’s better than having what you think handed to you by someone you don’t know isn’t it?

That’s why I wanted to blog. I wanted people to seek truth, think differently, use reasoning, and begin to live free. Whatever living free means to you.

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