Aftereffect Avoidance

I’ve done a lot of driving around the last few days. For most of the time I was playing sermons and worship music, but I also like to get a taste of what’s happening in the world. I hate news, but some radio stations are good at giving the whole picture, both sides, so I prefer to catch up that way.

Well, can I just say, there seems to be a whole lot of aftereffect avoidance going on. It’s very irritating to be honest. I can’t believe I am the only one who sees this happening. Here are a couple of examples.

There was a story about a man who was pulled over for turning right on red. It was a No Turn on Red intersection. Poor guy had a flat tire, and figured given his circumstance, he could ignore the law and proceed through. After all, he wasn’t in the safest of situations. The story was about how court fees are unfair. As a result of his being pulled over, he ended up with over $500 owed. It just isn’t fair.

Now, for the aftereffect avoidance. You see, a few years earlier, the man had been operating a vehicle under the influence and was involved in a hit and run. As a result, his license was suspended. He did have paperwork which allowed him to drive back and forth to work with him when he was pulled over. But he was found to be in violation of the paper work, adding to the court costs.

Wait, there is more. He wasn’t on his way to work, he was on his way to an interview. Apparently, the law isn’t fair because it’s difficult for people to understand when they are in compliance and when they are not. He felt as though he was in compliance as he was trying to obtain a job, that is work related isn’t it?

Poor guy actually owes the court quite a bit now and says he will have to work almost 2 weeks to pay all the fines and court fees. You see, between the initial violation and the current one, he had another four (4) violations (I think that was the number, I could be wrong).

It may be true some court costs and fees may be unfair, however, what seems to be over looked is the fact we all make choices and with those comes consequences. Guess what, when I was caught speeding, I could barely afford the ticket cost. Let me tell you, the after effect on me was watching my speed. It would be ridiculous for me to get mad at the courts for the costs incurred for violating the law. UGH!!! Why can’t people realize when they are the cause of their own situation. If you don’t break the law, you don’t incur court costs and fines. It’s simple.

Another story I heard was about a man who was fired after 15 years of working at his company. He is upset because he gave the company everything. He talks about how he was never given vacations nor insurance. He’s leading a protest because he and many co-workers were recently let go for no real reason. Fifteen years! That sucks!

Wait, there is more, of course there is. He and the other workers let go just so happens to be “undocumented workers.” What in the world is that? Look it up. It’s just a politically correct way of saying and “illegal immigrant’. Ha, when you get right down to it, ‘illegal immigrant’ still makes it sound better than it is, the technical term is really illegal alien. PC titles tend to make everything sound so much better. He wasn’t an immigrant at all, he was an alien (a foreign national who is living without authorization in a country of which they are not a citizen).

These workers are citing their right and comparing themselves to the civil rights movement. I loved how one woman put it when she said it isn’t about civil rights because they are not citizens!

It’s funny how the media spins these things and makes us feel bad for these people. But the truth is, they are just people trying to avoid the after effects of bad choices they are making. And in many cases, it’s not just one bad choice, it’s a trail of them. And with each one there is another after effect and sooner or later, they build up.

I’m all for grace and mercy. I’m all for leniency and giving people second chances.  Many times, it’s grace which spurs someone on to make a life change. But when someone repeatedly makes bad choices, without remorse, maybe it’s time they suffered some consequences.  Truth is, I’ve gotten out of a ticket or two myself, it wasn’t until I actually got one (or two *grin*) that I chose to start watching my speed more carefully. The thing is, if I continued to speed and rack up tickets, me blaming the courts for such high ticket prices just doesn’t make sense to me.

The way things are going, words such as responsible, consequence, illegal, violation, and law abiding will be words dropped from our vocabulary.

If we loose those words, will we in someway be loosing freedom as well? Or will everyone gain more freedoms? The freedom to do whatever they want, when they want, being free from any consequences. I don’t know about you, but I really don’t want that kind of freedom.

Aftereffect avoidance – something I don’t think we will be able to do if we keep going down this path, sooner or later, someone has to suffer the consequences.

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