Visiting the Shack

Saw the Shack yesterday … still pondering it all. Chewing on it for a bit for sure. Mind blowing. Potentially life changing. Definitely thought provoking. Very much recommend seeing it. It is not an answers movie, but a questions movie. Don’t look for it to soothe your soul and make you feel good. Don’t expect it to be extremely theological but more representational and allegorical. And by the way, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a Christian’s only movie. It’s a good movie regardless.

I know there are many Christians who are boycotting it as well as the book, to that, let me just say:

You find what you want to find in it. Personally, to me, it makes me deep think about things I think I know, yet maybe really elude me, … pretend to understand, but have no clue, … and think I am right on but could possibility be so off. My guess is, if you read the book or see the movie and wish you had boycotted it like so many, you totally missed the whole point of the judgement seat scene, now didn’t you? *one eyebrow raised*

Beside, how we, as Christians, can promote movies like ‘The Pilgrim’s Progress,’ ‘Lord of the Rings,’ ‘Prince of Egypt,’ and ‘One Night with the King,’ and yet boycott a movie like this drives me crazy! After all, no one had a problem with the depiction of Christ as a Lion in the ‘The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.” Shouldn’t there have at least been an issue with the title? I mean, it has witches in it. *wink* But we tear apart movies like the Shack and ‘The Passion‘. Go figure. *shrugs shoulders* I think it’s because these ones make us uncomfortable … dare I say maybe even a little be convicted?
I won’t even get into any of the other movies many Christians throw our money down for.

Truth be told, if it were in the Bible, it might have been referred to as a parable. Something Jesus used quite a bit in his teachings. *grin*

Things that make me go hmmmm

It might be good for all of us to visit our shacks, regardless of our religious beliefs and who we may believe we would see there. It might make the world a much better place. The question is, are you brave enough?


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