Knowledge and Wisdom

So, I was looking into wisdom a little more because of the verses I read this week in the Bible. I found this cool feature when looking up some words. And for anyone who knows me, they know how analytical I can get. What I found was fascinating.

Truth is, there isn’t any scientific proof, nor any documentation to back up what I’ve hypothesized, or see. But I’m going to share, and let you evaluate on your own.

Here’s a cool little chart of the words Knowledge and Wisdom and their frequency of use starting from 1500 until the year 2008.



So basically, what this shows, is back in 1500s, the words knowledge and wisdom weren’t being used very often. You can see in the late 1600s, early 1700s, there was a peek in use of these words. And it’s been down hill ever since, starting an uptick in the last few years.

Another think I noticed is how far apart they became. It seems now days, we have a whole lot of knowledge with very little wisdom. A lot of knowledge without wisdom can be very dangerous. Hmmm, looking at society, I would almost have to say, we can tangibly see this, wouldn’t you agree?

Just a note for us American’s. Let’s not miss the fact America was shaped during the peek of these two words intersecting.

So then I was curious – of course I was – that’s me. I added the word God to see how the lines looked.


Interesting enough, there was a little similarity in the ups and downs. But it was difficult to see. Then I gave more thought and realized, God could be anything. Theoretically, it could be Zeus. So I decided to narrow it down more. And changed God to Jesus. And was blown away at what I saw.


jesus wise know.png

It could just be me. But what I see here is, the more we use the word Jesus, the more we use the words knowledge and wisdom. One day, I’m going to take a look at the period of 1700-1750 and world history. If you’re a history buff and want to talk about how these might relate to world history in general, I’d love your input.

For now, I’m just going to sit with the fascination of how these three words relate to one another. And hope, the upswing has continued since 2008. Might be interesting to see, wouldn’t it?


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