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Boy have I discovered a lot in the last year. It all started because the house I bought had these stone counters – what in the world do I clean those with? As I researched, I didn’t like what I was finding. Basically every cleaning product I loved, and those I didn’t but would be willing to use, would slowly eat away at my new counter tops. UGH! People, this is my kitchen! It MUST be bacteria free. I’m not really a clean freak by any means, but my kitchen counters, now that is a different story. So what to do … GOOGLE IT! lol And that my friends, is how this all began.

I’ve got to have my Alcohol!

Those who really know me are in shock right now. See, I really don’t drink, I just plain don’t like the taste of alcohol – Bleh! BUT Rubbing Alcohol, now that’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout. Once you try it, you’ll be addicted too.

The more I learned about it, the more I thought – duh, if they use it in hospitals, and everybody is running around using the new hand sanitizer, then why aren’t we using it in our homes? Think about it for a moment. The one institution who has to worry the most about bacteria, uses alcohol as part of it’s weaponry. So guess what, I’m gonna get me some of that!

So now, I have a spray bottle and I mix a little alcohol, a little water, a little essence oil,  double, double toil and trouble; BAM! Kitchen cleaner, bathroom cleaner, floor cleaner, yes. It leaves a nice little shine on my counters, fixtures, and floors. It dries really quick so no waiting on the floor to dry. It’s wonderful.

There are a lot of different recipes out there, play with them until you find the one you like. Also, be sure to check it will work with your counter top or flooring. It is drying, so you wouldn’t want to use it on wood floors. But it works great on ceramic in the bathroom. And stainless steel.

And compare the price of it to other cleaning products, Cha-Ching! You just made a little extra cash.

I will tell you, I don’t like it on my shower curtain – it’s a no go there.  But …

H2O2 Please?

Most of us know what H2O is, but what is it when you and another O? Hydrogen peroxide. Yep. Ironically, another thing commonly found in sterile settings. This stuff is simply amazing. The number of things that vanish when this stuff shows up is crazy.

Mold, mildew – GONE! Squirt some of this stuff on it and they run – literally some times. Now I have a spray bottle with a little water and peroxide in it for using in the bathroom. Those humid days can do a number, especially on a shower curtain. And what about that bath mat, don’t look under it unless you’re ready to battle what you find. Spray a little peroxide on it, let it set a bit, and then rinse it away (most of the time). If simply rinsing doesn’t do it, then give it a little scrubbing. Look it up now that you know about it.

Stains don’t stand a chance, well most of them. I’ve had a few to try it on them. It’s crazy. Literally, I’ve sprayed peroxide on a stain and watched it vanish. Don’t believe me, try it. Oh, and guess what, you know that oxy cleaning product they show on TV, where they squirt it on and the stain vanishes? Look it up and see what it REALLY is. Then look up how much you are paying for it versus how much a bottle of Peroxide cost – ROBBERY! Of course, the concentration in the cleaner is much higher than your typical peroxide you by in the store. There have been a few stains who have walked away winners, but you can’t win them all.

Whitening – yep! Look up what is in the toothpastes and tooth whiteners – many of them use peroxide. So yes, it whitens. You can soak clothes in it (remember the oxy cleaner?) and brighten them right up. No more bleach! There is enough bleach/Clorox/chlorine in our city water – we don’t need to add more. I remember when I was a teenager spraying peroxide in our hair to lighten it and sitting in the sun. Scrub your shower curtain, whiten up your bathroom tile, and then use it on your teeth! Um, yeah, not such a good picture, but you know what I mean. It’s an all star in the bathroom.

I’ll fight you for my sodium bicarbonate!

Every body knows what this is, and I would venture to guess every single household with anything in their cupboards has this in it. It’s simply … baking soda. This is one of the most powerful weapons in household cleaning you could ever imagine. Oh, and combine it with the peroxide and look out! No, really, look out, it will begin to foam, but it’s okay, it’s kinda fun!

It might be easier to name the places you won’t use it instead of where you will, but I’ll let you figure it out as you go. But here are some of my top uses right now.

Scrubbing – it can be used on anything because it doesn’t scratch the surface. Dump a little on, use a little elbow grease, and whatever it is, it’s coming off. Non-stick pans – yep, you can use it. Stainless steal – yep. Haven’t found a surface I couldn’t use it on yet. Does wonders on the stove! But just to be safe, try it in a small spot in the very back first, lol. Oh, and it takes off nasty, hard to remove stickers, especially the glue left behind after you manage to get the sticker off. Why do they put those on anyway?

Brushing – I love, love, love the way it makes my teeth feel when I use it. My teeth feel like they stay clean for hours and hours afterwards too. And it’s good for your mouth. First, it scrubs gunk off your teeth. It’s also is great for whitening. And it will even help neutralize acid-forming foods. It will help promote healing of any cuts or sores. Come on people, it’s in most of your toothpastes anyway! Some times the issue isn’t what we need, but what we don’t. Do your research on fluoride for one. And then take some time to look up any other ingredient in your toothpaste to see if you really need it.

Washing – it’s one of my new best friends in regards to clothes washing – but I will admit, I use the Arm and Hammer Detergent because my hubby wants me to. It’s a small thing to ask, so I do.

Shaving – yes, you read that right – shaving. I take a small amount, rub it between my hands like soap, then put it on. Let me just tell you, it works! I’ve talked to a few friends and many of us have experienced some kind of phenomenon where as we get older, the hair get’s feisty!  We shave, and less than a day later, it’s all back again. Well, I put out it’s fire and now it stays away longer. lol Seriously, I can’t promise it will work for you, but it does for me. Shaving creams, soaps, etc weren’t working for me. And I tried all kinds of razors because my legs were so dry and just itched and itched and itched. Not any more. They are soft, hair free, and don’t itch for a much longer time. Oh, and guess what, I use the cheapest razor I can find. Love it!

I keep a jar of baking soda in the shower. And use it for all these things. It’s a wonderful thing – try it!

These Three and No More

Okay, it really isn’t no more, there are a few other things you will want. But with these three, you can do just about anything. Look them up, find the recipe that works best for you, and save a lot of time, energy, and money. Not to mention how good you are being to the environment.

Have fun, and let me know if you tried any of these or if you have any other uses you think should have been covered. I only listed a few and the ones I use them for on a daily or weekly basis.

Oh, and here are a few pictures showing results of using the baking soda to scrub with. I have some videos too, but I’ll post them another time. Hope you learned a thing or two!



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