Media Effect

It’s amazing how lightly we take the media effect on us. Are you thinking to yourselve, “What in the world is she talking about?” Let’s take a look at the Olympics. I asked:

Based on what you see on your local media, ONLY on what you see in media. How many or what types of events are at the Olympics. Without looking the answer up, how many do you think there are? [EDIT] I’m not looking for a guess at how many. I just want to know how many you are able to watch on TV. Or even if you saw one on the News. Everyone who watches any TV has to answer at least 2 for swimming and gymnastics.

There really weren’t many answers, but let’s just say between 10-25. To be honest, most people wouldn’t even guess that many. As of the day I asked the question, there had been 30 different sporting competitions held.

If I asked you to name every sport in the summer Olympics, how many could you name? Could you name all 39 which are in the Rio Olympics? How about the 42 different sports which have been a part of the summer Olympics? Did you name trampoline? Bet you didn’t.

This is a perfect example of the media effect. How media can shape our thoughts and beliefs. They have chosen the sports which will get top billing and they push them out across the airwaves at every chance they get. And unless you are watching at an off time, you won’t see some of them televised.

Did you know in the Track and Field category, there is actually an event called Race Walk? I bet you won’t see it televised. Have you ever heard of the Laser Radial event? It’s an event in the Sailing Sport. I’m not even sure I’ve ever seen sailing televised as part of the Olympics, come to think on it.

Have you ever heard of Kim Rhode? Why not? She is the first Olympian to win Olympic medals on five continents. She is also the first woman athlete to win an individual medal at six straight Summer Olympics. Michael Phelps has only been in four. So why don’t you know who she is? Because she is on the skeet shooting team. This is Simone Biles (gymnast) first Olympics, if she were in any other sport besides Swimming or Gymnastics, we wouldn’t even know her name.

Media decided that Michael and Simone were more news worthy than Kim. Did you know this week, besides the gold medals in Gymnastics and Swimming, the USA has won gold medals in Cycling, Judo, Rowing, Shooting, and Track & Field? Where did you think those 21 medals have come from? Swimming brought in 14, and Gymnastics 2 – there are 5 others, look them up.

Keep this in mind, especially during this election time. The media has an agenda, and it isn’t always the whole picture, nor the whole truth.

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