What do you stand for?

If you know what you stand for, then maybe this will help you figure out who you stand behind … well, maybe. Let’s take a look at a few moral and personal issues. Let’s be honest, when it comes taxes, foreign policy, economics, Presidential candidates can say whatever they want. They have to move another branch of the government into agreeing with them before anything can get done. And let’s not kid ourselves, anyone who can make it to this point in a presidential campaign, can never fully be for the little guy, the middle or lower income people. No matter who they are. They are never going to purposely hurt their own tax bracket nor their economic status, right? Right.

Even on some of their own moral issues, it’s a tug of war. But these are the issues which can either make you feel like they can relate to you, or not. So let’s talk turkey.

You can find more details at each of their websites (he’s first this time because she was last time – see I’m trying to be fair ;o)):

Donald Trump                 Hillary Clinton

Can I just be honest here, not biased, just honest. Donald Trumps site feels like a very well put together business site. With well thought out plans and information. Fairly easy to navigate. Pleasing to the eye as well.

Hillary’s site, well, Mamma said if you don’t got nothing nice to say, don’t! We will leave it there. Look for yourself, don’t believe me, please.



Immigration can lean towards being a moral issue. It involves people, families, children, and their treatment. Immigration affects people’s lives, both American Citizens and the immigrants. I really don’t think any American has a problem with LEGAL immigration, it’s more about the ILLEGAL immigration.

Bottom line: Not really too much in common here. So you can’t really stand in the middle, who would you stand behind?

  • Trump: A wall across the southern border (his vision is for Mexico to pay for it). Enforce the laws already passed. Have a plan which will improve jobs, wages, and security for all Americans.
    • Triple number of ICE officers: There are 5K now. Pay for it by a recommendation made by the Inspector General for Tax Administration to eliminate tax credit payments to illegal immigrants. The Inspector General is J. Russel George who has served in the position from November 2004 to the present.
    • Nationwide e-verify.
    • Mandatory return of all criminal aliens.
    • Detention, no catch and release
    • Defund sanctuary cities
    • Enhance penalties for overstaying a visa
    • Cooperate with local gang task force
    • End birthright citizenship
    • Put American Workers First
    • There are additional long-term reforms listed. Check them out yourself.
  • Clinton: Interesting, if you aren’t real net savey you might not be able to find this topic on her site. hmmm, but no worries Hillary, I found it.
    • Comprehensive immigration reform. “… treat every person with dignity, fix the family visa backlog, uphold the rule of law, protect our borders and national security, and bring millions of hardworking people into the formal economy.”
    • End the three and 10 year bars.
    • Defend President Obama’s executive actions—known as DACA and DAPA—against partisan attacks. (DACA – Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. DAPA – Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents). I really couldn’t find the DAPA, but it seems there is a temporary court order suspending it’s implementation. Wikipedia has a bunch on it.
    • Do everything possible under the law to protect families. “… will enact a simple system for those with sympathetic cases—such as parents of DREAMers, those with a history of service and contribution to their communities, or those who experience extreme labor violations—to make their case and be eligible for deferred action.”  DREAMers = young immigrants brought to the U.S. as children.
    • Enforce immigration laws humanely. Focus resources on detaining and deporting those individuals who pose a violent threat, give asylum seekers a fair chance.
    • End family detention and close private immigration detention centers. Doesn’t say where they will be put.
    • Expand access to affordable health care to all families. Let them buy into the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).
    • Promote naturalization. expand fee waivers; increase access to language programs; increase outreach and education to navigate the process.

Note worthy:

  • Trump is married to an immigrant
  • He was hard lined in 1999.but much softer on the issue in 2012.
  • He has supported a merit system for those who have been here and done a good job.
  • Clinton – see her full voting record here. A few to note:
    • 2006, 2007 Yea to Border Fence Appropriations. 2008, Nay
  • Clinton, when running for office in in 2008, she said she would build a fence across the southern boarder.
  • In 2006, 2007 she voted against declaring English the National Language. But for English as a common language.

2nd Amendment Right (Guns)

Can’t stand in the middle on this one either. You have to choose who you stand behind. The only commonality I see is understanding the process for background checks needs fixed. So, who do you stand behind?

  • Trump – For it, supports it. See a video on it.
    • Enforce the laws on the books. References Richmond, Virigina’s program called Project Exile.
    • Fix Our Broken Mental Health System. Expand treatment programs.
    • Defend the rights of law-abiding gun owners.
      • Law abiders own gun of choice.
      • Background Checks. Fix the system, make it work as intended. (Put criminal and mental health records in the system
      • National right to carry. Concealed Carry permit valid in all 50 states same as drivers license.
      • Military Bases and Recruiting centers. End the ban on military carrying firearms on bases and recruiting centers.
  • Clinton – Another hard one to find. But I did it! It’s listed under ‘Gun violence prevention’
    • Expand background checks. Close the Charleston Loophole. Here are a few sites to read about this in more depth. Hillary’s page; Factcheck’s page; Summation from the Factcheck page:  “federal law allows licensed dealers to transfer a firearm after three business days even if the required background check has not been completed.”
    • Take on the gun lobby. I don’t know how to bullet point it so, “by removing the industry’s sweeping legal protection for illegal and irresponsible actions (which makes it almost impossible for people to hold them accountable), and revoking licenses from dealers who break the law.”
    • Keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers, other violent criminals, and the severely mentally ill. And keep military style weapons off streets.


  • Clinton’s voting record on Guns
  • Clinton has supported a federal firearm registry in the past.
  • Her husband signed into law the Brady Bill. The summary at the top of the bill states: “To provide for a waiting period before the purchase of a handgun, and for the
    establishment of a national instant criminal background check system to be
    contacted by firearms dealers before the transfer of any firearm.”
  • In 2000, Clinton wanted photo licenses and ballistic fingerprinting for Gun owners.
  • In 2008 she wanted assault weapons banned but was stepping back a bit from her view in 2000. Saying that the federal government shouldn’t “preempt” the state laws.
  • Trump is a conceal carry gun owner.
  • Trump has said he supports the ban on assault weapons and a longer waiting period to purchase.


Okay, I’d say here, the choice is really do you stand firmly behind Pro-choice with Hillary? If not, then you have to stand behind Donald who has pro-choice instincts but leans toward pro-life feelings.

  • Trump – Interesting, nothing on his official site. Not getting off that easy, so I went on the hunt.
    • Quote from Charismanews.com, there is also a video: Bloomberg Business asked Donald Trump if he was pro-life and he said “yes.” But asked to expound and he said, “It’s an issue. I mean it’s an issue, and it’s a strong issue.” Asked if abortion early in the pregnancy was murder to the Don, he replied,”What I am saying is this: With caveats – life of the mother, incest, rape. That’s where I stand. So, I’m pro-life, but with the caveats. You have to have it with the caveats.” Asked if a pregnancy happens outside those caveats, Trump stated, “It depends why.” “I’m, pro-life…very simple pro-life,” he said.
    • Quote from his book (2001), The America We Deserve:
      • “When Tim Russert asked me on Meet the Press if I would ban partial-birth abortion if I were president, my pro-choice instincts led me to say no. After the show, I consulted two doctors I respect and, upon learning more about this procedure, I have concluded that I would indeed support a ban.
  • Hillary – Again, hard to find, but it was really easy to find her stance on Protecting Animals and Wildlife though.
    • Under her Women’s Rights page: I did find this quote: “She will defend access to affordable contraception, preventive care, and safe and legal abortion—not just in principle, but in practice.”
    • She also have a fact sheet:
      • Roe V. Wade “is the touchstone of our reproductive freedom, the embodiment of our most fundamental rights, and no one – no judge, no governor, no Senator, no President – has the right to take it away
      • Stand with Planned Parenthood and stop defunding of the organization.
      • Repeal Hyde Amendmdment (a legislative provision barring the use of certain federal funds to pay for abortion except to save the life of the mother, or if the pregnancy arises from incest or rape.)
      • Promote sexual education in schools.
      • Protect and build on President Obama’s Affordable Care Act.



LGBT Rights

This is about the same as the Abortion issue. Either you stand firmly with Hillary in support of everything LGBT, or you stand with Donald who has some opinions about the issues but doesn’t sway fully one way or the other.

  • Trump – Couldn’t find it on his site. So let’s go looking. Honestly, he’s done a good job of riding the fence a bit. Here are a few quotes I found from a variety of sources:
    • November 2013 interview on MSNBC, “I think I’m evolving, and I think I’m a very fair person, but I have been for traditional marriage. I am for traditional marriage, I am for a marriage between a man and a woman.”
    • ABC News on May 13, 2016, “I believe it should be states’ rights and the state should make the decision. They’re more capable of making the decision.” Trump made this comment after the Obama administration issued guidance directing public schools to allow transgender students to use restrooms matching their gender identity.
    • The Human Rights Campaign page has pretty good coverage on his stances over the years.
      • He spoke out against North Carolin’s anti-transgender bathroom law but has also said he believes states should have the right to make these decisions.
      • He has claimed to be “a friend of the gay community.”
      • He has said he would support judges who would overturn the ruling in regards to Obergefell v Hodges.
      • He supports laws to protect people from discrimination based on sexual orientation, such as amending the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to include sexual orientation.
  • Hillary – Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Americans deserve to live their lives free from discrimination.
    • Fight for full federal equality for LGBT Americans. Work with congress to pass Equality Act. Summary at top of bill reads: “Amends the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to include sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity among the prohibited categories of discrimination or segregation in places of public accommodation.”
    • Support LGBT youth, parents, and elders. End “conversion therapy”, combat youth homelessness with safe and welcoming shelters, take on bullying and harassment in schools. End discrimination in adoptions. (“Conversion therapy is psychological treatment or spiritual counseling designed to change a person’s sexual orientation from homosexual or bisexual to heterosexual.”
    • Honor the military service of LGBT People. Upgrade service records of those dismissed due to sexual orientation.
    • Protect transgender rights. make it easier to change gender marker on ids, law enforcement training.
    • Promote human rights of LGBT people around the world. Increase investment in Global Equality Fund. “provides critical resources and diplomatic support to civil society organizations (CSOs) and human rights defenders working to advance and protect the rights of LGBTI persons in over eighty countries”


Although this isn’t normally considered a “moral” issue, for some it is. So let’s take a quick look at it. It really isn’t covered on either site, so we’ll have to search the net for answers to this one.

On this one, just pick a side and stand there. Your preference.

  • Trump
    • Jerusalem Post
      • If Israel is attacked, he will come to their rescue. Stand behind Jerusalem 100%
      • Endorses Jewish settlements in the West Bank.
      • His advisers on Israel: Jason Greenblatt and David Frieman.
    • Video of Trump:
    • The Hill lists quotes from the video referenced above:
      • “If I win, I don’t want to be in a position where I’m saying to you [my choice] and the other side now says, ‘We don’t want Trump involved,'” the real estate mogul said of potentially winning the presidency and then brokering a lasting peace deal.
        “Let me be sort of a neutral guy,” the billionaire added. “I have friends of mine that are tremendous business people, that are really great negotiators, [and] they say it’s not doable.“You understand a lot of people have gone down in flames trying to make that deal. So I don’t want to say whose fault it is — I don’t think that helps.”
  • Hillary
    • Quotes from Aipac Speech
      • I’ve had the privilege of working closely with AIPAC members to strengthen and deepen America’s ties with Israel. Now, we may not have always agreed on every detail, but we’ve always shared an unwavering, unshakable commitment to our alliance and to Israel’s future as a secure and democratic homeland for the Jewish people.
      • We have to combat all these trends with even more intense security and diplomatic cooperation. The United States and Israel must be closer than ever, stronger than ever and more determined than ever to prevail against our common adversaries and to advance our shared values.
      • It’s also why, as president, I will make a firm commitment to ensure Israel maintains its qualitative military edge.
      • The United States should provide Israel with the most sophisticated defense technology so it can deter and stop any threats.
      • Israelis deserve a secure homeland for the Jewish people. Palestinians should be able to govern themselves in their own state, in peace and dignity. And only a negotiated two-state agreement can survive those outcomes.



Another thing to consider is how the parties stand on things. A President is not an island, these stances will weigh heavily as well.

Republican Platform              Democrat Platform

These are huge documents – we’ll just catch a few key notes – read them for yourself, be educated!


  • Republican
    • Our immigration system must protect American working families and their wages, for citizens and legal immigrants alike, in a way
      that will improve the economy.
    • We oppose any form of amnesty for those who, by breaking the
      law, have disadvantaged those who have obeyed it. … These unlawful amnesties must be immediately rescinded by a Republican president
    • we support building a wall along our southern border and protecting all ports of
    • Because “sanctuary cities” violate federal law and endanger their own citizens, they should not be eligible for federal funding.
  •  Democrats
    • Supports Legal Immigration, with reasonable limits.
    • Current system is broken
    • Repeal the 3-10 year and permanent bars
    • Those immigrants already living in the United States, who are assets to their communities and contribute so much to our country, should be incorporated completely into our society through legal processes that give meaning to our national
    • defend and implement President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood  arrivals and Deferred Action for Parents of Americans executive actions
    • allowing all families to buy into the Affordable Care Act exchanges, supporting states that open up their public health insurance programs to all persons, and finally enacting comprehensive immigration reform
    • reject attempts to impose a religious test to bar immigrants or refugees from entering the United States

2nd Amendment

  • Republicans
    • We uphold the right of individuals to keep and bear arms,
    • We condemn frivolous lawsuits against gun manufacturers and the current Administration’s illegal harassment of firearm dealers.
    • We oppose federal licensing or registration of law-abiding gun owners, registration of ammunition, and restoration of the ill-fated Clinton gun ban.
    • We call for a thorough investigation — by a new Republican administration — of the deadly “Fast and Furious” operation perpetrated by Department of Justice officials who approved and allowed illegal sales of
      guns to known violent criminals.
    • The Republican Congress should be prepared, upon the inauguration of a Republican president, to enact legislation allowing law-abiding Washingtonians to own and carry firearms.
    • We will halt the current Administration’s unconstitutional automatic
      denial of gun ownership to returning members of our Armed Forces who have had representatives appointed to manage their financial affairs.
  •  Democrats
    • Nothing except a blurb under Preventing Gun Violence
    • We can respect the rights of responsible gun owners while keeping our communities safe. To build on the success of the lifesaving Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act, we will expand and strengthen background checks and close dangerous loopholes in our current laws; repeal the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA) to revoke the dangerous legal immunity protections gun makers and sellers now enjoy; and keep weapons of war—such as assault weapons and large capacity ammunition magazines (LCAM’s)—off our streets. We will fight back against attempts to make it harder for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives to revoke federal licenses from law breaking gun dealers, and ensure guns do not fall into the hands of terrorists, intimate partner abusers, other violent criminals, and those with severe mental health issues. There is insufficient research on effective gun prevention policies, which is why the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention must have the resources it needs to study gun violence as a public health issue.


  • Republican
    • We oppose the use of public funds to perform or promote abortion or to fund organizations, like Planned Parenthood, so long as they provide or refer for elective abortions or sell fetal body parts rather than provide healthcare
    • We will not fund or subsidize healthcare that includes abortion
    • We condemn the Supreme Court’s activist decision in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt striking down commonsense Texas laws providing for basic health and safety standards in abortion clinics
    • ban sex-selection abortions and abortions based on disabilities —
      discrimination in its most lethal form.
    • We oppose school-based clinics that provide referral or counseling for abortion and contraception and believe that federal funds should not be used in mandatory or universal mental health, psychiatric, or socio-emotional screening programs.
    • American taxpayers should not be forced to fund abortion
  •  Democrats
    • protect a woman’s right to safe and legal abortion
    • that every woman should have access to quality reproductive health care services, including safe and legal abortion
    • seek to overturn—federal and state laws and policies that impede a woman’s access to abortion, including by repealing the Hyde Amendment
    • safe abortion must be part of comprehensive maternal and women’s health care
      and included as part of America’s global health programming.
    • support the repeal of harmful restrictions that obstruct women’s access to health care information and services, including the “global gag rule” and the Helms Amendment that bars American assistance to provide safe, legal abortion throughout the developing world.


  • Republicans
    • Traditional marriage and family, based on marriage between one man and one woman, is the foundation for a free society and has for millennia been entrusted with rearing children and instilling cultural values.
    • We endorse the First Amendment Defense Act, Republican legislation in the House and Senate which will bar government discrimination against individuals and businesses for acting on the belief that marriage is the union of one man and one woman.
    • we do not accept the Supreme Court’s redefinition of marriage and we urge its
      reversal, whether through judicial reconsideration or a constitutional amendment returning control over marriage to the states.
    • We urge marriage penalties to be removed from the tax code and public
      assistance programs.
  •  Democrats
    • protecting civil liberties and guaranteeing civil rights and voting rights, women’s rights and workers’ rights, LGBT rights, and rights for people with disabilities.
    • Democrats applaud last year’s decision by the Supreme Court that recognized that LGBT people—like other Americans—have the right to marry the person they love.
    • We will also fight for comprehensive federal nondiscrimination
      protections for all LGBT Americans, to guarantee equal rights in areas such as
      housing, employment, public accommodations, credit, jury service, education, and federal funding
    • We are proud of the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and we commit ourselves to insuring fair treatment for LGBT veterans, including by proactively
      reviewing and upgrading discharge records for veterans who were discharged because of their sexual orientation


  • Republicans
    • We condemn the campus-based BDS (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions) campaign against Israel. It is antiSemitism and should be denounced by advocates of academic freedom.
    • We reaffirm America’s commitment to Israel’s security and will ensure that Israel maintains a qualitative military edge over any and all adversaries.
    • We support Israel’s right and obligation to defend itself against terror attacks upon its people and against alternative forms of warfare being waged upon
      it legally, economically, culturally, and otherwise.
    • We reject the false notion that Israel is an occupier
    • Our party is proud to stand with Israel now and always.
    • We should no longer tolerate its managerial scandals, its Human Rights Council composed of some of the world’s worst tyrants, and its treatment of Israel as a pariah state.
    • That law prohibits Washington from giving any money to “any affiliated organization of the United Nations” which grants Palestinians membership as a state. There is no ambiguity in that language. It would be illegal for the President to follow through on his intention to provide millions in funding for the UNFCCC and hundreds of millions for its Green Climate Fund
  •  Democrats
    • ensure that Israel always has the ability to defend itself
    • we will always support Israel’s right to defend itself, including by retaining its qualitative military edge, and oppose any effort to delegitimize Israel, including at the United Nations or through the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions Movement.
    • We will continue to work toward a two-state solution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict negotiated directly by the parties that guarantees Israel’s future as a secure and democratic  50 Jewish state with recognized borders and provides the Palestinians with independence, sovereignty, and dignity. While Jerusalem is a matter for final status negotiations, it should remain the capital of Israel, an undivided city accessible to people of all faiths. Israelis deserve security, recognition, and a normal life free from terror and incitement. Palestinians should be free to govern themselves in their own viable state, in peace and dignity.




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