Investigating the Donald

Alrighty then, both lists were so long, we broke this one up into two parts. Let’s dig in the Donald’s investigations. Same rules apply as before. Although his are little less scandalous and boring business issues. (See Investigating Hillary)

  • Personally, Trump has never filed bankruptcy. But has filed business bankruptcy’s four times. The Trump Taj Mahal in 1991. Trump Plaza Hotel in 1992. Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts in 2004. Trump Entertainment Resorts in 2009.
  • 1973 Racial Discrimination in Housing. The US Department of Justice brought charges against the Trump Management company as well as Fred and Donald Trump. Donald was the President of the company. The allegation was black prospective tenants were turned away because of their race. Donald said it wasn’t because of their race, but because they were welfare recipients. You can read a very good outline of what happened here.After two years of litigation, the parties came to an agreement. Both sides claimed victory. No guilt was admitted nor officially found. Trump was prohibited from discriminating and was required to run an ad stating minorities had an equal opportunity for housing in Trump Management properties.
  • 1983 Undocumented Polish Workers. A contractor used to demolish the Bonwit Teller store was accused of using undocumented Polish Workers. Trump testified he rarely visited the site and was unware of illegal workers.In 1991, a judge ruled, the contractor had “deprive the funds of their rightful contribution”. In 1999, parts of the ruling were overturned and the records sealed.A member of the Polish Brigade, Wojciech Kozak, was interviewed recently and he said, “I have no ill will towards Mr. Donald Trump but I do have an issue with the contractor that employed me and never paid me.”
  • 1989 Marvin Roffman suite. Roffman made a prediction that the Taj Mahal  would fail. Trump pressured Roffman’s employees to fire him. Roffman filed suit.The suit was ended with an agreement between the parties.
  • 1997 Jill Harth Houraney. Jill claims sexual assault by Trump in 1993. Her husband settled a suit with Trump and she withdrew hers. Trump denies the claims.
  • 1999 US Securities and Exchange Commission. The SEC accused Trump Hotels of misleading their shareholders.  The case ended with an agreement. Trump Hotels agreed a cease-and-desist. No admission or denial of the findings. 
  • 2000  New York State Lobbying Commission director David Grandeau. Trump was accused of circumventing state laws to lobby against planned construction of another casino near his. He paid the fines to settle.
  • 2006, the Town of Palm Beach. The Town began fining Trump for a flag pole with a 15 by 25 feet. Trump counter sued stating free speech.The suits were settled. Trump donated to veteran’s charities. The town allowed Trump to enroll out of towners in his social club.
  • 2008 Deutsche Bank. Deutsche bank wanted to collect on Trumps personal guaranteed amount. Trump sued alleging Deutsche undermined the project and damaged his reputation. Deutsche countered sued.
    The suit was settled in 2010 with Deutsche giving a five year term extension on the loan.
  • 2009 Trump Ocean Resort Baja Mexico. Trump was sued by investors for misrepresenting his role in the project.Trump settled in 2013 for an undisclosed amount.
  • Trump University, three cases. 2010 Low v. Trump University, LLC. The suit was brought with allegations of breach of contract, fraud, negligent misrepresentation and bad faith. Trump countered.In the end, Trumps counter was dismissedTrump University was ordered to reimburse legal fees and costs to Tarla Makaeff. In 2016, Makeaeff withdrew as the main plantiff and Sonny Low was named instead.
  • 2013 New York v. Trump Entrepreneur Initiative LLC. State of New York filed suite against Trump Univercity for illegal practices and false claims. Trump also filed a complaint which was dismissed in 2015. In 2014, Trump was found personally liable for operating without the required business license.
  • 2013 Cohen v. Trump. Art Cohen alleged violations of the RICO statute. Trial is set to begin November 28, 2016
  • 2014 Alexia Palmer. She brought a suit against the Trump Model Management because she did not receive the compensation promised. She has now filed a class action suite against the modeling agency.
  • 2016 Katie Johnson. She has accused Trump and another man of rape in 1994. The address listed on the suit is a vacant property. The suit was dismissed. Johnson filed again under “Jane Doe.”

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