His and Hers …

The mind of the intelligent and discerning seeks knowledge and eagerly inquires after it,
But the mouth of the [stubborn] fool feeds on foolishness. Prov 15:14

Let’s take a look at His (Donald Trump) and Her (Hillary Clinton) educational and employment backgrounds. Admittedly, this is a boring read, but I encourage you to know your candidates, you may be surprised by some of what you read. Look up more details on some of these, the information is all over the net.

Remember, you are HIRING someone to work for YOU. When was the last time someone was hired just because they came in and made a good speach or said the right things? It has never happened to me and I doubt it happened to you. So take some time to look at the various parts of their resume.

Last time Hillary was first because of alpha order, so this time Donald will be first.



  • Kew-Forest School;
  • New York Military Academy. Star athlete. Attained rank of Captain.
  • Fordham University
  • Wharton School of Finance at Pennsylvania University. Degree: Bachelor in Economics


  • Park Ridge public schools. Sports participant as well as girl scouts.
  • Maine East and South High Schools. School Paper, Student Counsel, Junior Year Class President; National Honor Society and National Merit Finalist.
  • Political Science major at Wellesley College. President of the Wellesley Young Republicans; President of the Wellesley College Government Association Degree: Bachelor of Arts.
  • Yale University. Editorial Board of Yale Review of Law and Social Action. Doctor in Law



  • Employed at father’s company, Elizabeth Trump & Son. Eventually, he was given control and changed the name to Trump Organization. Most of his business adventures are under this umbrella.
  • Trump name/brand very profitable
  • Trump Model Management founder.
  • He is in the top 10 wealthest people to run for President.


  • Mount McKinley National Park (Dishwasher);
  • Fish processing canner in Valdez (sliming salmon);
  • Yale Child Study Center;
  • Marian Wright Edelman;
  • Campaign worker for Connecticut US Senate candidate;
  • intern at Treuhaft, Walker and Burnstein;
  • Children’s Defence Fund;
  • Carnegie Council on Children;
  • Co-founder of Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families;
  • Partner at Rose Law Firm
  • Bill Clinton is considered the richest living president
  • Bill and Hillary’s combined income puts them both in the top 10 wealthest people to run for President.

His careers:

  • Real Estate Developer;
  • Builder;
  • Business man;
  • Television Personality, Talk Radio host; Emmy Award nominee and Screen Actors Guild member;
  • Author;
  • Financial Adviser;
  • USFL Team Owner; NFL Team Owner; Golf Course Owner;
  • Miss Universe Owner; Miss Teen USA, and Miss USA part owner;
  • Trump University co-founder;
  • Speaker

Her careers:

  • Volunteered at New Haven Legal Services;
  • Congressional Legal Counsel;
  • Chair of Legal Services Corporation;
  • Served on Board of several corporations;
  • Campaign volunteer for republican candidate;
  • Intern at House Republican Conference;
  • Campaign volunteer for Democratic Presidential Candidate; Author;
  • Staff Attorney;
  • Consultant;
  • Impeachment Researcher;
  • Law Professor;
  • Director of Legal Aid;
  • First Lady of Arkansas;
  • Chair of Rural Health Advisory Committee;
  • Futures Trader;
  • Real Estate Investor;
  • Arkansas Woman of the Year;
  • Arkansas Mother of the Year;
  • Chair of the Board of Directors of the New World Foundation;
  • Chair of the American Bar Association’s Commission on women in the Profession;
  • Named as one of the 100 most influential lawyers in America;
  • First Lady of USA;
  • Senator of New York;
  • Secretary of State;

He was inducted into the  Celebrity Wing of the World Wrestling Entertainment Hall of Fame.

She led a task force helping reform Arkansas’s public schools; Was first female: chair of Legal Services Corporation; Partner at Rose Law Firm; and Senator for New York.  Was one of the only two female faculty members in the School of Law at the Arkansas University in Fayetteville.

She was the first First Lady to ever seek an elective office as well as ever be subpoenaed for federal grand jury.

She served on the committee whose work culminated in President Richard Nixon’s resignation.

Both have been involved in businesses that have gone south.


He: Born in New York, resided in New York most of life. Also owns or has owned private homes in California; Connecticut; Florida; Virginia;

She: Born in Illinois; Arkansas; New York (home purchase in 9/1999 so she could run for the New York Senate seat in 2000). He also owns or has owned private homes in Washington DC;


His: Reform Party; Republican, Democrat, Independent. He has made contribution to a variety of campaigns which seem to be based on the candidate, not the party they are affiliated with. Ran for Reform Party nomination but withdrew. Was considered as a running mate for George H. W. Bush. He has won the highest number of votes in the primaries than any other Republican Nominee.

Hers: Republican; Democrat. Her political career is pretty well-known so I won’t repeat it here. But some of you may be surprised she was a Republican at one time, now weren’t you?

Be educated people!


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