Truth, the Whole Truth …

… and nothing but the truth.  This is part of what is said before giving testimony in a court of law. Given the recent discussions regarding our Presidential candidates, it might be time for some of those truths. So let’s take a look at our top running candidates and their history in courts of law and controversies shall we?

We aren’t going to include details here, you can look them up for yourself, there are many, many places to get the information. Just type in the first few words and you’ll find them. But here are a list of a few for a time of compare and contrast of the two top candidates.

Hillary Clinton’s is first because her last name is first in alphabetical order.

  • Whitewater controversy: Clinton conduct investigated. Alleged possible conflict of interest in representing the bank before state regulators that her husband had appointed. Legal billing records subpoenaed, unable to locate until 2 years later. Final report stated insufficient evidence of criminal wrongdoing.
  • Travelgate: Clinton conduct investigated. Alleged use of audited financial irregularities in the Travel Office operation as an excuse to replace the staff with friends from Arkansas. Questions were raised as to whether the statements she made about her role in the firings were true. Concluded she was involved in firings. She made factually false statements. Insufficient evidence that she knew statements were false. Insufficient evidence that she knew her actions could lead to firings and her prosecution.
  • Foster’s Files Removed: Clinton conduct investigated. Alleged ordered removal of potentially damaging files the night of Vince Foster’s death. Kenneth Starr held open investigations. Successor issued final Whitewater reports. No claims were made.
  • Filegate: Clinton conduct investigated. Alleged she had requested FBI background reports on former Republican White House employees (improper access). And she recommended hiring unqualified to head the White House Security office. No substantial or credible evidence.
  • Cattle Futures Controversy: Clinton conduct investigated. Alleged conflict of interest and disguised bribery No formal investigation, never charged.
  • Gift Controversy: Alleged gifts made to White House removed to Clinton’s private residence. Clinton’s returned $134,000 worth of such gifts.
  • Barred solicitation of gifts Controversy: Alleged possibly solicited personal gifts after being sworn in as senator. She would have been barred from accepting these gifts. No formal investigation made.
  • Benghazi Hearings: Clinton’s conduct investigated. Questions surrounding the security of the US consulate and varying explanations given afterward. Clinton took responsibility for the question of security lapses but said she had no direct role in specific discussions. No new evidence of culpability or wrongdoings by Clinton. Report did deliver heavy rebuke due to security risks.
  • Email/Server Controversy: Clinton conduct investigated. Alleged Clinton exclusively used personal email accounts on a non-governmental, privately maintained server. Initial findings indicate she did do what she was accused of, but intent can not be established. Still pending.

Donald Trump. The problem with listing his is that he has been part of over hundreds of lawsuits. Some of the time he was the plaintiff, some as defendant. The thing is, litigation is very common in real estate. So we’ll leave out most of his real estate related issues. Look them up if you want to know more about them.

  • Fair Housing Act Violations: Trump Organization investigated. Trump was not President of the organization at the time. Justice Department alleged the Trump Organization violated the Fair Housing Act on a couple of occasions. They settled charges without admitting guilt on one occasion. And on another, they denied the charges and no guilt was found.
  • Bonwit Teller Flagship Store: Contractor investigated. Alleged the contractor used undocumented polish immigrant workers. Trump testified he rarely visited the site and was unaware of the illegal workers. Judge ruled builders engaged in conspiracy to deprive the funds of their rightful contribution. It was appealed. Ruling overturned. Records sealed.
  • Taj Mahal Casino: It has entered into Chapter 11 bankruptcy several times. Banks and bondholders restructured the debt. After it was all said and done, Trump retained 10% ownership. It was eventually sold.
  • Miss USA Suit: Contestant claimed the show was rigged. Trump filed suit and won a $5 million court award.
  • Univision Lawsuit: Trump alleged a breach of contract and defamation against Univision. The lawsuit was settled in Trumps favor, terms of settlement not disclosed.
  • NBC Lawsuit Threat: Trump alleged a breach of contract and defamation against NBC. Settled dispute in Trump favor.
  • Trump University/Trump Entrepreneur Initiative lawsuits: Trump and University under investigation. State of New York filed a lawsuit for allegedly illegal business practices. Allegations of false or misleading promises to his techniques, live events, and mentoring. Class action lawsuits still proceeding.
  • Trump Model management:  The president and other managers conduct investigated. Model alleged racketeering, breach of contract, mail fraud, and violating immigrant wage laws. Case was dismissed from federal court.
  • Ivana suit: Trump sued Ivana for not honoring a gag clause in their divorce agreement. Trump won the suit.

Regarding other truths:

  • Clinton had to admit her repeated statements about being under hostile fire from snipers at Tuzla Air Base in Bosnia were not true.
  • Clinton been caught in several lies. Look them up, not going to list them all here. There are several.
  • Trump admits to exaggerating his worth at times, depends on his mood.


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