Where does God end?

One of my favorite people shared a thought the other day and I’ve been chewing on it ever since. She talked about a conversation between God and satan in the book of Job. She made the point, God and satan were talking about someone.

Hmmm, okay.

Then there is the point where God allows satan to mess with Job. She made the point, God draws the line for satan. He says you can go this far, but no further.

Hmmmm, alright.

Here’s the thing, who is satan? Not who do we make him out to be, who is he?

  • He was proud because of his beauty; exposed before kings (Eze 28)
  • He can disguise himself as an angel of light. (2 Cor 11; Luk 10)
  • Is a murderer; has nothing to do with truth; he lies (Joh 8)
  • Crafty (Gen 3)
  • An anointed guardian cherub (Eze 28). Cherubs are powerful heavenly beings with four faces and four wings (Eze 10).
  • He has fallen from Heaven; cut down to the ground; brought down to Sheol. (Isa 14; Rev 12)
  • There is an eternal fire prepared for him (Mat 25)
  • Since he is an angel, we can surmise:
    • He won’t marry or reproduce (Mat 22)
    • He was created by God (Neh 9; Col 1)
    • He could know the future (Dan 10)
    • He could know when a sinner repents (Luke 15)
    • He could come in a vision (Dan 9)
    • He doesn’t have a physical body (Luk 24)
    • He could take the appearance of men (Gen 18, Heb 13)
    • He could be invisible (Col 1; 2 Kings 6)

I think we over and under estimate who satan really is.

He really has to be very persuasive, he got 1/3 of all the angels to rebel with him! Think about that. That means, if you are standing with 12 people, you convince 4 of them to do what you are doing. Convince them, even when they know they will pay a consequence. Do you think you could do that?

He has mirads of angels following his commands. That is a VAST army. In Rev 5, it says there were thousands upon thousands and ten thousands times ten thousand and he got 1/3 of those under his commands – ok – I don’t need to do any math to know that’s a LOT of angels!!!

He was the top dog – most wise, most powerful, most knowledgeable angel there was. That hasn’t changed. The only thing changed is his mission and purpose.

Too often, I think we see him as equal to God. But he can’t be everywhere at once. He is a single being. He isn’t sitting on my shoulder and your shoulder and the neighbor down the streets shoulder all at the same time. In fact, I highly doubt he’s sitting on anyone’s shoulder.

I don’t really think he can hear our thoughts. I couldn’t find any Biblical scripture definitively saying one way or the other. But think about this for a moment … if he knew Job’s thoughts, do you think he would have wasted all his time trying to make him do something he was never going to do? Do you think he would have even bothered to try to tempt Jesus? So he only knows what we let him know.

No matter how many angels he commands, no matter how persuasive he is, and no matter how powerful, wise, and crafty he is – he still isn’t the one in charge.

All those things listed under things an angel can do … they can only do them if God allows them. So he has to be constrained by God, just like all the other angels.

We are told in the Bible:

  • We need to be sober and vigilant (1 Peter 5).
  • We will wrestle against him and his army (Eph 6)
  • We have power over all the power of the enemy (Luk 10)
  • If we resist him, he will flee from us (James 4)

Sometimes it seems to me we attribute everyday earthly problems with satan. The reality is most of the time, our issues and problems are brought on by choices we make in life. But what about those times when we really are under attack?

It’s in those times when we have to ask ourselves, “Where do I believe God ends?” Huh? Think about this for a moment. Our fear and worry about anything in life is EXACTLY where God ends. Still not following?

If we live in fear, worry or anxiety, we MUST believe God ends somewhere. We must think He can’t handle something. We must believe He’s not powerful enough for something. We must believe instead of God drawing a line for satan, satan draws a line for God and says, this is as far as you go.

We must, if even just subconsciously, believe God can’t, God won’t, God isn’t able, God doesn’t, God couldn’t, God … ends.

We need to get straight in our minds, God doesn’t end. God draws the lines around each of us and nothing can penetrate those lines without His permission first. He defines the limits of all creation.

However, there is ONE thing which can limit God, and that isn’t satan … It’s us! Our own will. WE determine where God ends, nothing else.  You don’t have to worry about satan, he’s had lines drawn for him in regard to your life. You have to worry about yourself.

So where have YOU drawn the line for God? Where have you said, “You can only go this far, and that’s it?”Ask yourself, “Where does God end?”

One thought on “Where does God end?

  1. One of the best thing I have read in a long long time !! Thank you for such great insight … My vision is much clearer now !!! In my life, God has no end💠


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