Stop the Stampede!!!





America is in the middle of a stampede this election season. Seriously people. Actually, there are two stampedes about to collide!

Here’s the definition of a stampede:

A stampede is uncontrolled concerted running as an act of mass impulse among herd animals or a crowd of people in which the herd (or crowd) collectively begins running, often in an attempt to escape a perceived threat.

Am I right or what?

Anything unusual may start a stampede. Yep, it seems as though it’s happened this way. We’ve had an unusual occurrence and now we are all off and running. In my not so important opinion, it seems as though a stampede happens every election season. But this one more so than others. And we are running from a PERCEIVED threat – it isn’t real people. The threat is NOT real.

Sometimes people purposefully induce cattle to stampede as a component of warfare or hunting, such as some Native Americans, who were known to cause American bison to kill themselves at a buffalo jump. (Wiki)

In this case, I’d almost have to look at the media as the “people” inducing this stampede. Or maybe it was someone or a group of someones from one of the parties. Let’s just hope it wasn’t for the same reason as the Native American people had in mind for the bison!.

A large stampede typically eliminates everything in its path.

Did you hear that people? We need to be careful and stop eating everything fed to us by mass media. We need to stop listening to all the side commentary which has no substance. Throw out all the things meant to lead us one way or the other. Silence all the voices who are not providing knowledge. We HAVE to do this before it’s too late and everything in our path has been eliminated.

According to experts, true “stampedes” (and “panics”) rarely occur except when many people are fleeing in fear, such as from a fire,[5] and trampling by people in such “stampede” conditions rarely causes fatal injuries.

What kind of stampede are we really in?

It’s time to quiet our spirits. Turn off the TV. Shut out the voices of the News. Sit down. Think logically about the decision before us. Take some time to research these people who we are being asked to hire. Think about it – how many jobs have you gotten by getting up and making promises about what you will do when you are hired – NONE How many jobs did you get because you talked about everything the other people being interviewed were doing-NONE! I’m guessing. Take sometime to look at the resume’s of these people. Look at what they were doing before they decided to join the race. What merit do they have behind them? What do their families do? How do their children behave? What have they done for other’s with the power they have had? Who were they before they were trying to get hired to be our leader?

People, we are here to hire someone, not to run a race WITH them. Not to sit and listen to them speak AT us. Not to hear how great they are and what they THINK they will do once we hire them. Nor do we hire someone just because they play for the same team as us – sometimes you have to look at the best players on the other team in order to build a better team!

Stop the stampede!

Don’t just keep running because everyone around you is. Start moving toward the outside of the herd and get out!!!

America – we are so much smarter than we are looking right now.



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