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Seeing lots of posts about the President’s Executive Order about guns. I provided a link directly to the fact sheet at the bottom. The Executive Order hasn’t been posted yet. Here is the summary:
Background checks
  • Working on the system to make sure it does what it is supposed to.
  • Making sure the people who sell guns are doing what they are supposed to.
  • Hiring more people to make sure the people who are trying to do something they aren’t supposed to, aren’t able to.

Bottom line: $$$$ to hire 230 more people to make sure everything is working the way its supposed to and improve a very vital system that should ALREADY be a priority.

Commentary: We use background checks to determine who is safe to watch our children. If it is failing to keep guns out of the wrong hands …   Think about that.

Safer Communities
  • Ordering people and departments to do a better job at the job they are supposed to already be doing.
  • Doing a better job at tracking things they already should be tracking.
  • Making sure people are obeying laws they already should be.

Bottom Line: $4 million and over 200 more people to help those who aren’t doing what they already should be doing do it better.

Commentary: I’m sure there are some people doing a VERY good job at what they should be doing. Maybe hiring more of those kinds of people would be helpful, you think?

Mental Health Treatment
  • Increasing access to Mental Health care.
  • Increasing the reporting of those people to the people listing under Background checks above.
  • Decreasing the legal barriers which do not allow the previous.

Bottom line: $500 million to give people access to help that they need, which can now be reported and used to keep them from doing something they shouldn’t.

Commentary: I have to say part of this could be effective because if we address the people issue, there wouldn’t be a gun issue. Maybe instead of hiring the 400+ people in the two items above, we should hire them here?

  • Ordering government offices to learn more and how to use smart technology (like we use on our phones and computers) on a gun.

Bottom line:  Just read it again.

Commentary:  Why don’t they just talk to someone in the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marines? I’m sure they could benefit from this as well – no? Do you think they might already be doing this? Duh??

Let’s sum this all up in one paragraph, using word for word off the government site (just combining them together differently):
New Actions by the Federal Government: Keeping Guns Out of the Wrong Hands Through Background Checks, Making Our Communities Safer from Gun Violence, Increase Mental Health Treatment and Reporting to the Background Check System, Shaping the Future of Gun Safety Technology
Hmmmm, trying to figure out why the word NEW is at the beginning of all that? AH, wait, I get it … it’s all the NEW money and NEW people. Oh well. There you have it folks.
Not sure why the people against guns would be happy about this. And not really sure why the people for guns would be happy about it. It seems very middle of the road. And yet, I see post from both sides. Those against guns saying YAY!!! And those for guns be like BOOO!!!! Why? Am I missing something? Please, feel free to share below if I did. Thanks for reading!
Disclaimer: I don’t care the name, position, nationality, religion, race, nor party affiliation of the person writing the Executive Action. I just care about the content. Truthfully, as an American Citizen, I would have liked to have gone over to the whitehouse site and found something which could have really helped out the situation. Disappointed that it’s just more spending on an old system.
EDIT:  I had an additional thought. The saddest thing in all of this gun control debate is that we need to have the debate. Its so sad people would use anything to take the life of someone else. Its sad we need the right to bear arms in the first place. And I think what saddens me most is we, as a society, are fighting about the guns instead of fighting for the people who really do need help. To me, the only people who can stop the problem with guns or any other deadly object, are the people who need help, but won’t admit it. Just because our government makes more laws, doesn’t mean it will fix the situation. Think about it. Do YOU always wear your seat belt?  Do YOU always drive at or below the speed limit? Do YOU always refrain from driving after drinking? Laws made by a government to help protect you and the ones you love.  It always comes down to a person’s choice, doesn’t it?

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