Free2Live Because a Savior was Born 12

This is written from a Mother’s Perspective – specifically from Mary’s. I did a lot of research into what it would have been like, but this is STRICTLY my imagination, there is no guarantee any of this really happened or really were her thoughts. I do use scripture through out. However, it’s mostly how I think I might have thought if I were her.

A Mother’s Thoughts – Day 4395

Children! The joys, the sorrow, and the scares they give us!

Jesus is growing and becoming strong; he is filled with wisdom, and the grace of God is on him. But he sure gave our hearts a quick jump the other day.

Every year, Joseph and I go to Jerusalem for the Festival of the Passover. He was twelve this year, so he went with us. After the festival was over, we all headed home. There are so many family members making the journey, we didn’t think much when we first notice Jesus wasn’t right with us. We figured he was off with one of his many relatives. But at the end of the first day’s travel, we began looking for him among them, and no one had seen him! We quickly headed back to Jerusalem.

It took us three days, THREE DAYS, before we finally found him. And you won’t believe where we found him! He was sitting right there, in the temple courts, sitting among the teachers, listening to them and asking them questions. As we walked up, we listened for a bit. Then we heard the people in the crowd talking about how amazed they were at his understanding and his answers. We were astonished!

We let him go on for awhile. When we finally got to him, I said to him,  “Son, why have you treated us like this? Your father and I have been anxiously searching for you.”

And do you know what this young man said to us? He said, “Why were you searching for me?” Didn’t you know I had to be in my Father’s house?” I just don’t understand what he is saying. I didn’t know whether to be mad at him, or proud of him. Joseph and I just looked at each other and headed back to Nazareth.

He really is an obedient young man. I don’t think he did this with any ill intent. I will never forget how it felt to see him sitting in the temple court. I will treasure all these things in my heart.

Funny, how I would become anxious when I couldn’t find Jesus, the Messiah, God’s son after celebrating Passover. We just commemorated our liberation by God from slavery in Egypt – God’s faithfulness to us as a nation. How he passed over the houses of the Jews when he was slaying the firstborn of Egypt. Remembering his protection of us. And not one day out of the very city where I observed the Passover Feast, and I find myself anxious. I think I need to meditate more upon the scriptures we read at Seder.

Jesus really does have the favor of God – His father – with him, as well as the favor of man. One day, God will call him into his purpose. I want to be strong enough to walk it out with him. I need to learn to trust his Father more. I have some idea of what lies ahead, if I don’t trust his Father, it will be a tough road to walk. I have to keep my eyes upon God. He has delivered and protected us for many years and will for many to come.



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