Free2Live because a Savior is born 3

This is written from a Mother’s Perspective – specifically from Mary’s. I did a lot of research into what it would have been like, but this is STRICTLY my imagination, there is no guarantee any of this really happened or really where her thoughts. I do use scripture through out. However, it’s mostly how I think I might have thought if I were her. 

A Mothers Thoughts – Day 3

As I was playing with him today, goo gooing and gah gahing, I thought back to when I first was told I would be giving birth to him. The angel that visited me had told me my relative, Elizabeth, had also conceived a son. I was floored!! Elizabeth was old and barren! Yet she was already six months pregnant? I just had to see for myself and I headed right off to Judah and my relatives, Zachariah and Elizabeth’s.

It was a little bit odd. yet awesome when I first arrived. As soon as Elizabeth’s baby heard my voice, it leap in her womb! Then Elizabeth cried out in a loud cry and exclaimed something about me being blessed and the fruit of my womb being blessed. Then she really blew me away, she said, and I will never forget this, she called me, “the mother of my Lord.” How would she know this except by God! I hadn’t told anyone! At that I couldn’t help but magnify the Lord our God!

I left them just before their son, John, was born. I have to say, it was nice to have someone else who could relate to my experiences. An angel had told them of their upcoming son and his name as well. I didn’t feel quite as alone on this journey God has placed me on.

Maybe John and Jesus will be able to relate to each other in some way as well. I wonder if John will know Jesus as soon as he sees Him, just as he knew my voice from in Elizabeth’s womb. I vaguely remember something Isaiah said (Isaiah 40:3) about a voice calling out of the wilderness making a way for our God. I wonder if that could have meant John? Zachariah was told by the angel John would go before and prepare the way for Jesus. Well, at least now I know the angel meant Jesus.

Oh, how I wish I could talk to Elizabeth right now. John would be about 6 months old. I wonder if she feels any pressure raising the man who will prepare the way for the Messiah? I wonder if she thinks of me? I miss her and the kindred spirit I felt when I was with her. It seems so long ago. Maybe we’ll see each other again soon.

Well, he’s fussing a little, going to go see what he needs. He really is a peaceful baby. I am very blessed, just as Elisabeth said, very blessed indeed.

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