Free2Live with Perspective

This blog is going to be a bit interactive, are you willing to play along? Get a piece of paper or something to record your answers to these 4 very easy questions.

As you read the numbers below, they indicate the number of people per 100,000 people are affected by the particular cause here in the United States. So for instance, if the number is 10, it would indicate that 10 out 100,000 people are likely to be affected. So the higher the number, the more people affected. Got it?  Okay, so, here we go!

Question #1: You are the decision maker on where money is spent in our country. Below are the statics on causes of death per 100,000 people. Which cause would you spend the money on?

  • Cause A:193.3
  • Cause B: 23.9
  • Cause C: 18.0
  • Cause D: 11.2
  • Cause E: 12.3
  • Cause F: 9.6
  • Cause G: 3.5

Question #2: Which of these factors known to induce death would you be most likely to be concerned about and advocate for action against?

  • Inducing cause A: 14.7
  • Inducing cause B: 10.6
  • Inducing cause C: 9.2
  • Inducing cause D: 2.4

Question #3: If you could choose one of the following and a media blitz would begin, kind of like those “Did you know?”informational ads, providing awareness, information about getting help, etc. Which one of these would you address first?

  • Cause A: 13
  • Cause B: 5.1

Question #4: Cause of deaths are ranked from #1 to #113, #1 being the leading cause of deaths. If a political candidate was running on a platform which would include 5 of the those causes of death, which 5 would be most important to you and might influence whether you vote for them or not?

  • #1
  • #16
  • #18
  • #59
  • #66
  • #80
  • #90
  • #96
  • #100
  • #105 & 106
  • #107 & 108
  • #113

Question #5 – Are you ready to see what actually matters to you most? What your opinion is when it isn’t influenced by media? What you should be pushing for legislation, demanding your tax dollars be spent on, and your post on facebook should be drawing awareness too? Are you REALLY ready? Then scroll on down.



Question #1:

  • A – Diseases of the Heart: 193.3
  • B – Diabetes: 23.9
  • C – Influenza: 18.0
  • D – Motor Vehicles: 11.2
  • E – Poison: 12.3
  • G – Falling: 9.6
  • H – Firearms: 3.5

Here’s your blurb for your facebook: Did you know diseases of the heart kill 193.3 people out of 100,000 every year! Please watch your diet, get lots of exercise, and take care of yourself!!! We can not let another person die from this preventable disease!

If by chance you chose D – here’s one for you: We need to get these vehicles off the roads! We are tired of all these mass killings. We have a vehicle violence problem that needs to be address! Strict vehicle laws fail to stop vehicular deaths we need to have a ban on vehicle ownership!

Please note, you have a better chance of accidentally falling off something and dying than you do being killed by a firearm. Shouldn’t we be calling for an end to owning ladders and step stools. lol Do you understand the ridiculousness of all this gun control talk?

Question #2:

  • A – Drugs: 14.7
  • B – Injury by firearm: 10.6
  • C – Alcohol: 9.2
  • D – Enterocolitis: 2.4

Amazing isn’t it? In my other blog I showed a report indicating that both drugs and alcohol contribute significantly to the homicide rate. And we all know these typically go together. Even alone, you can’t help seeing we need to address these issues much more than we need to address the issue of gun ownership. It’s a sad truth.

Question #3:

  • A – Suicide: 13
  • B – Homicide: 5.1

Suddenly, all this talk about homicide just doesn’t seem to be as important now does it? I wonder what this would look like if we were able to factor out homicides by a suicidal perpetrator? You know, like, when someone kills a bunch of people and then kills them self? Afterall, if they weren’t suicidal, I wonder if they would have killed anyone else to start with? The Homicide number would have to drop significantly, wouldn’t you think? How many times have you heard about a mass killer who had been under the care of a professional counselor? How many times do we hear, they were diagnosed with PTSD, or psychotic tendency?

Here’s your facebook status: Suicide kills more than Homicide! We need better health care systems when it comes to counseling! Stop Suicides and Homicides! Write your representative and let them know you want more legislation which will provide better screening for mental health issues.

Question #4

  • #1 – Salmonella infections
  • #16 – Malaria
  • #18 to #40 (related) – Malignant neoplasms
  • #49 to #59 (related) – Diseases of heart
  • #66 & #67 (related) – Influenza and pneumonia
  • #80 – Alcoholic liver disease
  • #90 – Pregnancy with abortive outcome
  • #96 – Motor vehicle accidents
  • #100 – Accidental discharge of firearms
  • #105 & 106 (related) – Intentional self-harm (suicide)
  • #107 & 108 (related) – Assault (homicide)
  • #113 – Complications of medical and surgical care

Yeah, this one even got me. Can you believe our facebook, tv, and radio has been focusing on the #100th and #107/108th ranked causes of death? And yet we hear very little about even the top 40! Why people? Why????? Why do we let this happen? Why are we, the United States of America, a leading nation, content to allow Salmonella and Malaria to be among the top leading causes of death! We aren’t any better than a third world country! It’s sad, so very sad.

Speaking to those of you posting so much about firearms, how much does it really matter now? How do you feel about knowing you are more likely to die from Salmonella, malaria, cancer, heart disease, the flu, pnemonia, or a car accident than you are a firearm? You are more likely to die from going out to dinner than you are being in a hold up people!!!! It is more dangerous for you to sit in your back yard and get bit by a mosquito than it is for your neighbor to own a gun, even if he is a crazy person! You have the right, the privilege, the responsibility to be Free2Live with Perspective!!!

I’ve seen a lot of posts about gun control over the last few days. Both for and against. I’ve seen lots of data from many sources, most of which are not reliable. People, it’s important when using data, that you consider the source. So many people are just pushing their agenda. Look at a wide range of data and look for a mean between them. Look for an unbiased source. Or at the very least, look at some of the data provided by those who are against the topic. And when it comes to our government, try using data which is available to them. Don’t just pick something because it agrees with your stance.

We really shouldn’t let media and politicians and celebrities decide what our perspective should be. We shouldn’t let a few people who are really good at marketing lead us around like blind sheep. Come on people! Get a true perspective on things. Look at the big picture! You really are Free2Live with Perspective – do it!

Here is where all the date came from – you may be surprised to learn these reports were written by our very own government. Again, I have to wonder, if they are spending all this money on all this research, why do they continue to ignore the findings? *shrugs*


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