Free2Live – Frugally

So many people have asked how I did some of the things I did, and on such a very low budget. You can do this too! Really! There is so much information on the internet, anything you want to do, you can find out how. Then, all you have to do is try. Just try. So what if it flops, who is going to know anyway. Who cares if anyone else likes it, as long as you do, that’s all that matters. Just try it.

So here are a few of the things I did, and I really believe you can too!

Lighted Tree:
Total spent = $1.00;
Potential cost = $10.00

lighted tree

This one is very easy. Go out into your yard and find a tree branch you like the shape of. Get a can of white spray paint, and paint the branch. Go to the Dollar Tree or Habitate for Humanity Restore. Here’s what I spent on this tree.

  • $0.00 on Tree branch
  • $0.00 on Can of Spray Paint because I already had one. But it runs about $5.00
  • $1.00 on String of lights from Habitate for Humanity. You can buy them new for around $3.00.
  • $0.00 on the vase because I already had one. But you can get some nice vases at the Dollar Tree for $1.00.
  • $0.00 for rocks to hold the tree in the vase. I’m sure if you look around, you’ll find some small rocks, but you can buy a bag at the Dollar Tree.

Craft Closet Organization:
Total spent $5.00;
Potential Cost: $10.00

craft closet

Closet organization can be very expensive, but not if you look in the right places.

  • $0.00 on Milk Crate as I already had it. There are places that actually through these out. Ask your local convenience store.
  • $0.00 Paper Tray, I already had it. Someone was throwing it out and I snatched it up. Be creative with this one. Stacking office trays run about $1.50 each.
  • $2.00 White baskets. These I bought at the Dollar Tree, 3 for $1.00. Then I just screwed them into the wall. I put glue sticks, paint brushes, stamps, and my glitter in these.
  • $1.00 Black pencil holder. I bought this at the Dollar Tree and screwed it into the wall. It holds scissors, pens, penciles, and rullers.
  • $0.00 Drywall screws. I had them laying around. If you don’t have anyone, ask someone who does to give you a dozen or so.
  • $2.00 for a whole box of Finishing Nails. Everything else is held up by small finishing nails. Even the small tubes of paint. I just put two nails for every paint tube. Finishing Nails come in a variety of colors as well, so you can match your decor if you want to.

Bedroom Furnishings:
Total spent $10.00
Potential cost: $IDK – lots more


So this one could potentially cost a lot more. But here is what I did:

  • $5.00 Quilt holder. Got this at the Habitat for Humanity Restore. You really have to go there!
  • $0.00 Table and chairs. A friend let me in on a good deal as a nursing home was getting rid of some stuff. Ask around, you never know who has what to get rid of.
  • $0.00 Corner Book Shelves. These are scrap pieces of a 2×6 cut to the size I wanted and nailed to the wall. Then I took a gift bag someone gave me and cut the bottom corners out and laid them over the pieces, just to give it a little decoration of color. You can easily change these based on your mood as well!
  • $0.00 Grapevine Curtain Rod. I did trim this one down a bit to make the proportions better. Don’t have grapevines, find a nice tree limb.
    Everything else I already had on hand. I rested the vine on 2 long nails.
  • desk
    $5.00 Desk. The desk is made of a file cabinet which I paid $5.00 (again another friend deal). And a old door that was being thrown out. I cut the door to the dimensions I wanted and laid it on top of the file cabinets. I put two screws/nails in the bottom of the door so it won’t slide forward as I work on it, but can be easily removed if I want to move it. So the screws are sticking out of the door. If you pull the top forward, it will only go as far as where those screws are in the door. The screws end up against the back of the file cabinet. Not sure that makes sense, but hopefully it does.
    I will eventually cut off the hinge edge or trim it with some black ribbon, haven’t decided yet.
    The file cabinet didn’t match the style of our home, so I used a white washing techniques first with black, and then with white, to give it an old, worn look.
    I also used some black to give the door a little color as well.

Slate Wall Hangings:
Total Spent = $0.00;
Potential Cost: $6.00


I already had the star and the Believe wall hangings – Garage Sales for the win! I think I spent a total of $3.00 on them. But this is really about the slate.

  • $0.00 Slate – take a walk in the woods near any creek and you will find pieces of slate. Different colors, textures, shapes, it’s fun to look for just the right one.
  • $0.00 Mod Podge because I already had it. A bottle can run about
  • $5.00 and should last a long, long time.
  • $Pennies for Printing out the Verses/Sayings. These are on regular white paper. You could use fancy paper, or do an aging techniques on them (tea or soy sauce is great for this).

Look up some tips on decoupaging for detatiled how tos for putting the sayings onto the slate.

Walk Thru Closet:
Total spent $50.00;
Potential cost: between $150-$200


Closet organization can be VERY expensive. Here’s what I was able to do:

  • $0.00 Shutters. Yes, they were free – Garbage Picking Rocks! lol I am not ashamed folks, this is being a wise steward of my time and money. And it is helping keep things out of the land fills. It’s recycling people! You could also purchase them at Habitat for Humanity for $5.00. I used these shutters for a scarf rack and tie rack. Really love it. So easy to keep them organized and available.
  • $0.00 Hat racks. These are hung by some small nails. If you don’t have any, ask someone for a handful. You can also buy a nice little hook rack at the Dollar Tree for a buck!
  • $1.00 White Baskets – Dollar Tree, 3 for $1.00, screw them to the wall. I put earings in one, bracklets in another, and rings and other accessories in the other.
  • $0.00 Finishing Nails. Remember, I bought the box for my craft closet. But again, a whole box is only $2.00. I used these to hang my necklaces.
  • $15.00 Closet Hanging system. When I priced how much this would cost, I was like, no way!!! So I looked around. In the plumbing section, I found some metal pipe for $5.00, just the length I needed. I purchased the closet bar holders for $3.00 a piece. And spray painted the pipe. I had the white paint, but it runs about $2.00 a can. The whole system cost me half what it would cost me to purchase a real closet system. I could have saved even more if I had visited the Habitate for Humanity store first. But live and learn I guess.
  • $5.00 File Cabinet. Same cabinet I got above, super friend deal. Perfect for the under clothes, shorts, etc.
  • $2.00 Pop Up Bins. I purchsed these 3 for $1.00 a while ago. Now they are about $1.00 each at the Dollar Tree, or for bigger ones, $5.00 for 2 at Five Below. Just nice to have sitting around for whatever they are needed for.

cafe doorsmirror door

  • $5.00 two Cafe Closet Doors. Went to the Habitat for Humanity Restore on a 50% off day. These doors normally run about $10.00 a piece. The hardware was already on them.
  • $5.00 Leaded Mirror Door. Again, Habitat for Humanity Restore, 50% off deal. Beautiful mirror on the back.

Not Pictured

  • $11.00 Glass knob. Can you believe this cost me the most of everything!!! If I had more time, I would have looked around better. But this was the kind of knob the Mirror Door needed, so I had to bite the bullet and purchase it.
  • $5.00 Medicine Cabinet. Since we have one bathroom, I thought this would be great. It serves two purposes. One, a really nice mirror. And I hung it so if the door was open, and the Mirror door was closet, you can look at your backside! It also holds some of our cosmetic stuff as well as some asprin, etc so we don’t have to go all the way down to the bathroom.

Stained Glass Front Door:
Total spent = $23.00;
Potential cost = $220.00


I can not tell you enough times, go to Habitate for Humanity’s Restor!!!

  • This door is about a $200.00 door. I purchased it for $15.00. Yes you read the right. Its most beneficial to go on their special sales day.
    The window was messed up, looked a little filmy/foggy. So I needed to do something with it.
  • Found these Stained Glass Self Stick Films for $8.00. They can range up to $20.00 depending on where you buy them. Turned out beautiful!

There isn’t anything here that you couldn’t do. All you have to do is try it. And when you do, you will realize you are Free2Live Frugally too!


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